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While countless worldwide customers recognize that OKW is a foremost leader in the design and manufacture of enclosures for electronics equipment, what they might not know is that we were founded over 60 years ago. Today we are a third generation family-owned German company, but back in 1948, it was one man, Dr. Herbert Schneider—the grandfather of our current Managing Director, Cristoph Schneider—who had the vision to start a specialist molding and tooling company that would develop over the years into the highly successful enclosures company that OKW is today.

During the boom time for consumer electronics in the late 40's and 50’s, we specialized in the manufacture of duroplastic and thermoplastic tuning and control knobs for radios and TV sets, along with complex technical moldings for all manners of consumer goods. By 1972, we had recognized a growing need for plastic enclosures for the rapidly developing OEM electronics industry. At first, we began by making customized enclosures for our customers, however as electronics continued to grow, with industrial controls and other market needs, it was a natural step to create a standard range of enclosures that could be used in many more applications. Custom molds gave way to standard products, and today we manufacture a huge variety of enclosures including: handheld enclosures, wall mount enclosures, desktop enclosures, instrument cases, IP65 (NEMA 4/4X) sealed housings, DIN rail enclosures and potting boxes. Our award winning designs feature multiple complex and ergonomic moldings which ensure that the enclosures are suitable for numerous high technology applications.

So what are the typical applications for our enclosures? Medical and wellness technology such as patient call or monitoring equipment; buildings services and security monitoring equipment; industrial detection or flow measuring instruments; stock control data collection or point-of-sale terminals. Over the years we have developed novel and user friendly ways to mount the electronic components such as connectors, PCBs, switches, displays, keypads etc. in order to reduce the need for additional customization. We do, however, also offer a full customizing service which can supply the enclosures fully finished with all the required cut outs for the controls, in the right color or material, and with the legends or logos silk screened, engraved or digitally printed onto the external surfaces. Our qualified sales team will recommend the right enclosure, based on your particular application and requirements.

Choosing a standard OKW off-the-shelf enclosure means that there are no minimum order quantities. Our customer may typically order 50 to 100 pieces at a time however, for higher volumes we can also mold-in your required modifications in order to reduce unit costs considerably. Most importantly, what you get with OKW is a perfect ergonomic enclosure that’s been expertly crafted, and this quality will genuinely reflect the quality of your product inside. The right OKW enclosure will enhance the visual impact and tactile quality of your electronics.

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