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Larger Carrytec handheld enclosures

Tough handheld enclosures with integrated handle

Hospitals can be a rough place for electronic instrumentation. It has to withstand 24/7 use by lots of different operators. That’s why growing numbers of designers specify CARRYTEC to house their medical and laboratory instruments.

And now they have more choice than ever with the launch of the new CARRYTEC L size – 13.70″ (348 mm) x 11.93″ (303 mm) x 4.61″ (117 mm) – to complement the existing small and medium sizes. There’s also a new range of extra cases which clip and screw on to either end of CARRYTEC.

They’re perfect for test and measurement applications because they can be used to house probes and other devices. The test probe can remain connected to the main equipment at all times – saving the hassle of plugging it in each time it’s needed.

Another added benefit of the accessory cases is the clip-on shoulder strap which makes CARRYTEC electronics cases more portable than ever.

The accessory cases and shoulder strap join an ever-growing range of extras for CARRYTEC including a docking station, contacts, bed rail clamp, battery compartment and IP54 sealing kit. CARRYTEC’s strength lies in its smart design which features a robust integral handle (with soft touch grip) and tamperproof Torx T10 screws.

Choose from ABS (UL 94 HB) construction for indoor environments or reinforced PA for outdoor applications such as agriculture and forest management electronics. ABS CARRYTEC comes in Off White (RAL 9002) as standard while its reinforced PA counterpart is Lava Gray (NCS S 7502-B). A big range of custom colors is also available.

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