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Comtec desk-wall enclosures

Sloping front for keypads and displays

COMTEC has always been popular because it’s a desktop enclosure that works just as well on walls…and we’ve just extended the range.

There are now seven sizes of COMTEC – thanks to the addition of the new 290H (11.41″ x 7.87″ x 2.97″). Being the biggest housing in the COMTEC range, the new size comes in Version 1 format (without a battery compartment) but it can be customized to take cells if need be.

COMTEC is a modern, ergonomic design with a 10-degree sloping front that makes it perfect for keypad-based applications like desktop data logging or wall mounted access control systems. In fact you’ll find COMTEC leading the field in a wealth of applications: telecoms, intercoms, surveillance, point of sale and instrumentation.

All the housings feature a ‘softline’ design which makes them comfortable to operate. They are molded in fine textured ABS (UL 94 HB). Other materials are also available. Choose from standard Off White (RAL 9002) or Black (RAL 9005) – or ask about our huge choice of custom colors and finishes.

Version II cases feature a battery compartment aperture and lid in the base section. Three cradle types are available: 1 x 9V cell, 2 x 9V cells or 4 x 1.5V cells.

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