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OKW Catalog

OKW’s product range is now so large that this year we’ve launched our new catalog in two parts.

Part one is a Program Overview of all our enclosures and tuning knobs – a quick and easy guide to all their features and benefits.

And even though it’s an overview, it’s still very detailed at 140 pages! Get it now to see:

Part two of the catalog gives you even more information with all the technical data you need to specify the best enclosures for your electronics. It includes all the product details you’ll find on our database-enabled website.

So it’s possible to get all the information you need just from the Program Overview and the website. But part two is available if you prefer the website data in printed form.

Now you can see why we’ve split the catalog. Think how big it would be if we had to squeeze everything into one massive publication!

Download catalog >>

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