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Sample enclosures

Perfect for final evaluation of your project

Getting free samples from OKW is easy – you can’t beat seeing and handling our products for yourself.

That’s especially true of our handheld and wearable enclosures. Ergonomics is vital for any enclosure but never more so than when the case is in your hand or strapped to your body.
See and feel the OKW difference. Like the lovely glossy finish on new BODY-CASE wristwatch-style enclosures.

Or the amazing amorphous shapes offered by the BLOB range. Its clever curves guide users’ hands to the controls.

You have to experience BLOB to understand why our designers made such a radical departure. And why it works so well.

Then there are the tactile contours of the SOFT-CASE handheld enclosures. Or the futurist SENSO-CASE for single-handed scanning.

Images and videos will take you only so far. You need to feel the quality of these cases with your own hands. See how well they will house your PCBs and showcase your electronics.

You can also download 2D drawings and 3D models in x_t, step or sat format. Decide how your components will best fit inside the enclosure then send us your customization requirements.

Register here for 2D drawings & 3D models.

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Get Expert Advice On Enclosures

Contact OKW – the electronic enclosures specialist – for expert technical advice on the best housings for your PCBs and electronic components.

Contact our team and discover how easy it is to specify the perfect enclosures for your electronics.