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Quicker and Easier Customized Enclosures

Customized electronic enclosures

You’re an electronics designer. So you’re used to challenges. But have you ever been confronted with a no-win situation?

You know the kind. You need an enclosure – something really specialized to house a niche electronics device…

And you get trapped by the old ‘standard v custom’ dilemma. Caught between a rock and a hard place.

Here’s the problem: the average basic standard enclosure won’t cut it – but going custom is cost prohibitive because the batch is so small.

Besides, it would take ages to produce a prototype. Glaciers move faster!

It hurts just thinking about it. Fear not. Here is the solution…

Don’t Go Custom…Go Customized

What do we mean by that? What’s the difference? Let us demonstrate by way of a real world example…

One that involves medical devices and laboratory instrumentation – a sector known for challenging applications, low volumes, high quality expectations and even higher stakes.

Take a look at these 31 medical devices, a myriad of different shapes, sizes, colors and options. And yet every single one of these products was housed in an OKW standard enclosure. Yes, you read that right – a STANDARD enclosure. 

All it took was a little customisation et voila – a unique enclosure for each particular application. No need to dig deep for an expensive built-from-scratch custom case. And there’s the crux. So many engineers search for a bespoke case molded from the ground up…when what they really need is a customized standard case. I know what you’re thinking. That’s all very well, but what if you need something really unusual? Something out of this world? What if you’re creating a building security registration system for a kindergarten and you need an enclosure that’s shaped like a friendly teddy bear extending a welcoming paw?

Well that’s possible with a standard OKW case too!

Don’t believe us? Check it out here.

All It Takes Is A Little Subtlety

Good standard enclosures are designed to be smart and attractive. But also a little understated so your product won’t look exactly like someone else’s. Great. That’s a very promising starting point. The subtlety of design makes it easier to make your enclosure unique – even though it started life as a standard case. 

And the range of standard enclosures on offer is huge. So it’s much easier to get the shape you need right from the word go. All it takes is a little minor tweaking. Some machining here, a little lacquering there. The choice of finishes is wider than ever – and the range of colors is infinite. Look at the possibilities

Even really wild stuff like zebra print or leopard spots is only a water transfer print away. And digital printing makes logos and legends a breeze. It’s so much quicker and easier than the old silk screen method.

Tell Us What You Want…What You Really, Really Want

Don’t compromise. Don’t settle for a good PCB case when you can have a great one – an enclosure that will truly enhance your product and emphasize its quality and value.

What’s stopping you? In just a few brief years digital technology has transformed the world of customized electronic enclosures.

So let your imagination run riot. Don’t let the boundaries of the old paradigm constrain your designs – let customization set you free.

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