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Toptec PCB enclosures

Mounting connectors directly to your PCB can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s quick and easy – speeding up installation times.

But on the other, not every standard plastic enclosure is suitable for this type of application. In the past that meant having to specify a more expensive custom-made case…negating some of the cost benefits of mounting the connector directly on the board.

Don’t panic. You can still go down the standard enclosure route: OKW manufactures off-the-shelf customizable housings specifically for this scenario.

Toptec handheld PCB enclosures

TOPTEC: For Walls, Desktops, DIN Rail Systems

TOPTEC (IP 40) allows pre-assembled PCBs with protruding connectors and interfaces to be mounted directly into the enclosure. These modern ergonomic enclosures are equally at home on desktops, on walls (using the hidden suspension element) or as part of DIN rail mounted systems (using an optional clip).

And they snap together quickly and securely. Clip-in end panels allow PCBs pre-fitted with connectors to fit straight in. There are 28 permutations: choose from Type F (flat top) or Type H (high top), four sizes (4.01" x 2.12" x 1.18" to 7.63" x 4.52" x 2.67"), vented or unvented (use the slots for gas detection or sound).

You’ll find TOPTEC being used in a wide range of applications – monitoring, signaling, control, medical devices, laboratory technology and computer peripherals.

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Soft-Case handheld PCB enclosures

SOFT-CASE: Wide Format Handheld Enclosures

SOFT-CASE (IP 54) has raised sides which can be machined to match up with any connectors or interfaces pre-fitted to your PCB. SOFT-CASE is one of 18 handheld enclosure models offered by OKW. Its wide format and generous lid recess are ideal for touchscreens and displays. Soft contours and the IP 54 TPE ring make SOFT-CASE comfortable to hold. Choose from four sizes (3.22" x 2.00" x 0.55" to 5.90" x 3.62" x 1.10") and three materials: ABS, CO2-neutral bioplastic and infrared-permeable PMMA.

The optional battery compartment’s clip-on lid can be screw-fixed for added security.
Accessories include a tilt foot bar (for desktop use) and an innovative Combi-clip (belt-clip/wall mounting attachment).

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