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OKW enclosures assembly service

Outsourcing the assembly of your electronics offers considerable benefits – but it’s important to choose the right partner. Here’s how our assembly service will help you to capitalize on opportunities…

1. Bring In Fresh Ideas To Overcome Pain Points

A smart and experienced assembly partner will suggest ways of improving your product – with specialist advice on the development of parts and components – and help you to plan the installation in the most effective way.

2. Deal With Spikes In Demand

Bring in third party assemblers to tackle surges in orders. You can take on extra work that would otherwise have been difficult or impossible to complete with your existing resources.

3. Avoid The Disruption Caused By Rush Job

Everything is urgent, everybody needs it now or yesterday – and there’s no sign of the pace slowing anytime soon. Anyone with experience of rush jobs (and that’s everyone) knows all too well what a disproportionate impact they can have on all your other activities. Outsourcing urgent work to assemblers gives you the capacity you need to cope with demanding customers.

4. Get To Market Faster

Well planned outsourcing saves time, enabling you to beat your competitors to market. Exporters in particular can benefit by using assembly and packaging services based in their customers’ countries. OKW has operations in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Brazil and Australia.

5. Outsource Non-Core Or Legacy Products

Outsourcing the assembly of older or non-core products frees up time and resources – which you can then dedicate to your flagship products and cutting-edge innovations. Don’t let yesterday’s products – however good they may be – stop you from inventing the future.

6. Don’t Let Finishing Touches Cause Delays

It’s now more cost effective than ever before to specify standard enclosures and get them machined, lacquered and printed ready for your PCBs. So why not go a stage further and order them with cable glands and mountings fitted too? You’ll save time and money.

7. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Smart manufacturers move up the supply chain by focusing on R&D – otherwise they risk being undercut by global competitors based in countries with low wages, low taxes and less regulation. Focus on the big picture and leave the minor details to your trusted third party assemblers.

Need More Help?

As an electronic enclosures specialist, OKW offers a complete assembly and installation service. Simply provide us with your components or keyboards and we will assemble, package and ship your products to your customers.

We have 60 years of experience and are extremely serious about quality. Our engineers guarantee full ESD protection to prevent electrostatic discharge.

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Get Expert Advice On Enclosures

Contact OKW – the electronic enclosures specialist – for expert technical advice on the best housings for your PCBs and electronic components.

Contact our team and discover how easy it is to specify the perfect enclosures for your electronics.