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Product Differentiation: How To Make Your Electronics Stand Out

Customizing of electornics enclosures

People buy with their eyes. No-one will know that your electronics are revolutionary if your product doesn’t look the part. It will fail at the first hurdle if nobody cares enough to pick it up. So a visually enticing housing is crucial.

But you can’t blow development budget you don’t have on a bespoke housing. Solution? Specify a standard plastic enclosure then customize it.

Why Discrete Design Is So Important

No standard enclosure should look ‘standard’ – ever. They should all look smart, modern and unique to the product they’re housing. That’s a tall order but not impossible; the aim is to create a case that is visually impressive but understated…one that does not scream that it’s ‘standard’.

A good standard enclosure should be elegant but discrete in design. This ensures that less customization is needed to make it perfect for your application…and different from other electronics products. Good customization always starts with great standard enclosures.

Customized enclosures

Customization Now Offers You More

We can take any of our standard enclosures and customize them beyond all recognition. You’ll have no idea that it was once a standard housing – not after we’ve:

Suddenly that enclosure is 100 per cent yours – unique to your product and everything it stands for in your marketplace. And ‘suddenly’ is the word. It doesn’t take much to transform an enclosure. And it doesn’t take very long – not with all the new technology now available.

Here’s how to transform the appearance of your enclosure…

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Enclosures laquering service

Add Value With Lacquering

Smart lacquering enhances the surface finish of your enclosure – adding value. It’s the simple way to change your case’s color to any RAL, Pantone or sample-based shade you want (including metallic finishes).

All lacquers used by OKW are two-component, high quality and UV-resistant – and the range available now is huge. Aside from the myriad of colors, there are varying degrees of lustre from matt to glossy. Specify matt to avoid unwanted reflection or high gloss for sleek, modern aesthetics. A glossy finish is also easier to keep clean – an important consideration in applications such as medical/wellness or the food industry.

But lacquers are not just about color; they also offer you the chance to imbue your enclosures with ergonomic textures such as artificial leather. Specifying a special soft-touch finish will make your enclosures feel like velvet, a smooth option for wearable or handheld enclosures.

Special lacquers are also available:

  • ESD conductive lacquers to prevent electrostatic discharges
  • antibacterial lacquer which creates a protective layer on the case, preventing bacteria from settling, multiplying and spreading infections.

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Decor foils for enclosures

Photo-Quality Décor Foils – From One Unit Upwards

Yes, you read that correctly – one unit. Small batch customization doesn’t get any smaller than this. And the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Most designers opt for letter- and logo-based foils but it’s possible to specify any photo-based pattern: color graduations, zebra stripes, leopard print, exploding asteroids, you name it…

Digital printing technology (1800 x 1800 dpi) opens up a wealth of more practical possibilities too. Now you can specify consecutive numbers and barcodes. Fulfilling these requirements is easy thanks to our in-house digital equipment. This makes the whole process quick and cost effective for you. Even tricky cutouts are a breeze now. All the printing is done on the back of each foil, so you can be sure that your designs will withstand the rigours of everyday life in your chosen application.

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Enclosures printing service

Printing On Plastic, Aluminum And Steel – Logos, Legends

Digital printing is the best option (although we also offer tampo and silk-screen printing too). We can digitally print straight on to aluminum, steel and a range of plastics (ABS, PC, ASA, ASA/PC blends) – even when there’s a height difference of up to 0.10" (2.5 mm). We can even print on to glass (on the rear).

Specifying the digital method enables the printing of sequential numbers, barcodes and technical specifications simply and cost effectively – saving you time and enabling you to get your products to market more quickly.

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Get Expert Advice On Enclosures

Contact OKW – the electronic enclosures specialist – for expert technical advice on the best housings for your PCBs and electronic components.

Contact our team and discover how easy it is to specify the perfect enclosures for your electronics.