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Elegant Wall-Mount Enclosures For Building Control Electronics

SMART-PANEL wall-mount enclosures

Discreet Sophistication

Smart technology must be elegant: 21st century intelligent building control systems won’t ‘wow’ anyone if their enclosures hark back to the previous millennium. And that’s as true for today’s modern smart factories as it is for high-tech offices, automated homes and hotels.

It doesn’t mean the enclosures must be extravagant, complex or ostentatious. Quite the contrary: there is beauty in simplicity and understatement. Form should follow function – as it does with our new SMART-PANEL plastic enclosures for building control and monitoring systems.

SMART-PANEL recessed top for display panels

Look at the top and you will see a large recess for a touchscreen, display or membrane keypad. But closer inspection reveals that it’s actually more than a recess: the entire top section is sunk into the base to create that smart protective edge.

As the product designer responsible for this enclosure, Martin Nußberger of polyform Industrie Design said: SMART-PANEL “meets the sophisticated requirements of modern residential and living areas. The top, the face of the enclosure, is the centre of the design. Only a narrow frame surrounds the user interface, and the base of the enclosure blends in."

“The differentiated interplay of the finishes, polished and finely structured, the materials used, plastic and glass, the elegance and precision of the design elements show off the quality of your product to best advantage.”

Easy Installation In Cavity Wall Boxes

SMART-PANEL is intended to make installing small touchscreens and displays swift and easy, integrating seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. For that reason, the bottom section is designed to fit standard flush-mounted cavity wall boxes (up to 5.90" high x 2.40" wide).

SMART-PANEL can be mounted to wall cavity boxes

Simply screw the base directly on to the switch box and then clip in the top section. Don’t worry about fixing screws for the top; SMART-PANEL doesn’t need any. Instead, the top clicks neatly into position – giving you the perfect screwless enclosure assembly.

To quote Martin again: “The product can be installed quickly, safely and invisibly. Nothing is revealed about how this enclosure is screwed on to the wall, no fixing points, no joints.”

SMART-PANEL opening tools

Re-opening SMART-PANEL is equally easy – thanks to a special tool (or rather pair of tools) available as an accessory. The set includes two identical tools that together click open the top. For optimum ease, we recommend using both simultaneously – which is why we supply you with two tools in each set, not just one.

The tools (like the enclosures) are molded in flame retardant (UL 94 V-0) and UV stable ASA+PC-FR – the polycarbonate in the blend adds extra strength. Each tool has a specially designed tip that allows it to fit precisely in the narrow release apertures on the underside of the enclosure. These simple but handy tools are ideal for on-site service technicians, enabling them to open sensitive electronic/electrical equipment gently.

Protection panel for electronics assemblies

Protecting the sensitive electronics is vital. So SMART-PANEL’s accessories include hardboard plates that cover components in the top section. Non-slip feet are also available for when SMART-PANEL is specified for desktop applications. Other accessories include glass panels and adhesive foils.

Customized Building Control Enclosures

SMART-PANEL’s clever design touches minimise the need for customization. And its standard traffic white (RAL 9106) livery helps it to blend seamlessly into a wide range of environments…but a wealth of custom colors and decor foils are available should you wish to specify corporate branding. The enclosures can be supplied fully machined with cutouts for cable entry, controls and the display.

Customized SMART-PANEL enclosures

Other customization options include RFI/EMI shielding, digital printing and laser engraving of logos and legends. Digital printing offers significant advantages over traditional screen and tampo methods because the set-up costs are so much lower. It is also much easier to print QR code or barcodes – an important consideration for commercial and industrial applications.

SMART-PANEL Technical Video