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April 2014


OKW has launched NET-BOX – a sleek new range of innovative wall mount enclosures for control and data applications. These modern and attractive ABS and PC enclosures feature an inset cable connection panel – hiding unsightly connectors under the removable front lid.

The flat design of the new NET-BOX series gives designers plenty of scope for installing a wide range of electronics assemblies, displays and large-volume connectors. NET-BOX’s design touches include a curved top section which can be fitted with LEDs, displays and switches. Applications for NET-BOX include data acquisition systems, central control units, measuring and control, data systems engineering and medical technology.

NET-BOX features a large area on the underside for mounting interfaces and connectors between the left and right hand mounting legs. The connectors are elegantly hidden by the ergonomic front lid which also conceals the wall mounting screws. But the connectors always remain accessible – reducing the time required for installation and maintenance work.

NET-BOX consists of three individual components: a bottom section (and optional infill cover) in Lava Gray (NCS S 7502-B) plus a top cover and front lid, both in Light Gray (RAL 7035). Prices start at $32.

These robust, durable enclosures can be used for outdoor applications, thanks to the V0 ASA+PC material used. IP 65 protection is available by specifying an optional sealing kit.

NET-BOX plastic enclosures are available in three different sizes.

  • 5.51" x 5.51" x 1.83"
  • 7.08" x 7.08" x 1.91"
  • 8.66" x 8.66" x 1.99".

 The optional infill cover makes it possible to create an additional compartment either for greater installation volume, to protect the connections or simply to visually close the bottom part of the enclosure. PCBs can be housed in both the top and bottom sections. Each has the appropriate attachment domes.

Wall mounting the housings is very easy. First the bottom section is attached to the wall at three points. Then the top cover and lid are bolted to the bottom using stainless steel tamper-proof Torx screws. NET-BOX electronics cases can also be used as desktop units. Non-slip feet are available as accessories.

OKW V.P. Marketing Robert Cox said: “NET-BOX is an innovative new enclosure range that provides a modern solution for some rapidly expanding market sectors. We’re sure it will prove to be highly popular.”

Customization options include custom colors, silk screen and tampo printing, surface finishing, digital printing, membrane keypads, milling, drilling, tapping, punching, RFI/EMI shielding.