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July 2016

Electronic enclosures and tuning knobs manufacturer OKW has published its new catalog. For the first time it is available in two parts.

Part one is a 140-page Program Overview that details OKW’s complete range of enclosures, tuning knobs and accessories. It features 41 ranges of plastic enclosures, one range of plastic/aluminum enclosures (new SYNERGY) and five ranges of tuning knobs.

Aside from the high end SYNERGY range, other new additions include BODY-CASE (OKW’s first fully wearable enclosures) and CONNECT, a smart new solution for wired electronics (notably products which require multiple USB ports).

Accessories offered by OKW include wall mounting brackets and holding clamps; tilt/swivel bail arms which double as desk stands; neck lanyards and wrist straps; cable glands and pressure compensation elements; USB covers; contacts and connections; screws, sockets and spacers.

OKW’s standard enclosures can also be customized with CNC machining; custom colors and finishes; flame retardant materials (V-0); RFI/EMI shielding; lacquering; digital, silk screen and tampo printing; membrane keyboards; display windows, adhesive foils; plastic and aluminum panels; installation and assembly.

OKW’s Program Overview can downloaded from the website. It is also possible to download sections of the catalog on a product-by-product basis. Printed copies of the complete Program Overview can also be requested on the website or by calling 800 965 9872.

Part two of the new catalog gives a more detailed view of each model with all the detailed information required for ordering products. This is repeated on the OKW website. Part two is available from OKW on request.