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July 2019

OKW’s elegant SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY aluminum enclosures are now available in custom sizes. Electronics engineers can specify these designer housings modified to the exact length/height to suit the PCBs and electronic components being fitted inside.

SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY are designed for a wide range of applications including peripherals, measurement and control, medical equipment, Smart factory, Industry 4.0, building services, IoT/IIoT and high end home automation.

These sophisticated enclosures combine extruded aluminum profiles with high-grade plastics to create ultra-modern aesthetics.

Robust SMART-TERMINAL can be ordered in custom lengths to accommodate large volume touchscreens, displays and PCBs. It can be used for desktop, handheld and wall mounted applications.

Award-winning SYNERGY can be specified in custom heights in 0.2” increments to suit customers’ PCBs and electronics. The enclosure features a fast-connect system based around four internal assembly pillars which snap together. There are no visible fixing screws.

SMART-TERMINAL’s aluminum case is capped by two UV-stable ASA+PC-FR end covers in the standard color lava. These deeply recessed covers fit into soft-touch TPV seals (volcano or green as standard). SYNERGY’s top and base are molded from black ASA+PC-FR as standard.

SMART-TERMINAL is available in one width (6.69”) and height (1.96”) and three standard profile lengths: 6.29”, 7.87”, 9.44. The covers add a further 1.65”. Flat aluminum end plates which add just 0.15” are available as an option. SYNERGY is offered in four shapes – square, rectangular, circular and oval – and 36 standard sizes. Plan sizes range from 3.93” x 3.93” to 7.87” x 3.93”.

Accessories for SMART-TERMINAL include a case canting kit, wall suspension element, PCB mounting nuts and anti-slide feet. SYNERGY accessories include wall suspension elements, battery compartments (AA x 3, AA x 4) and button cell holders.

In addition to bespoke sizes, customization services also include CNC machining; printing of legends and logos; custom colors; photo quality decor foils; installation and assembly.

SYNERGY Technical Video

SMART-TERMINAL Technical Video