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December 2020

OKW’s attractive DIATEC low profile plastic enclosures for wall-mount and desktop electronics are now available in four sizes.

DIATEC is ideal for communications and network equipment in living and working environments. Applications including computer peripherals, IoT/IIoT, gateways, data systems engineering, data collection, security and access control, measurement and control, medical and laboratory technology.

These smart, modern enclosures feature a central control panel for mounting a keypad, touchscreen or display. There is a recessed area for installing and protecting interfaces, plug-in connectors and cable glands. Knockouts in the base enable easy wall mounting with no visible fixings.

DIATEC is available in two-piece (size XS) or four-piece construction (sizes S, M, L). Size XS comprises top and bottom sections that are screwed together. There is an integrated battery holder (2 x AA).

Sizes S, M and L each feature a top and bottom plus two snap-on covers to conceal the assembly screws. These covers can be locked to prevent tampering. The integrated battery compartment can accommodate 1 x 9V or 2 x AA cells.

DIATEC’s four sizes range from 5.90” 1.46” x 6.10” to 12.99” x 1.89” x 7.87”. The enclosures are molded from ABS (UL 94 HB) in a choice of two standard colors: off-white (RAL 9002) or lava gray.

Options and accessories include hinged lids (opaque ABS, clear or translucent polycarbonate), slot-in panels to separate the electronics and terminal areas, wall suspension elements, battery clips, a 9V plug-in contact, anti¬-slide feet for desktop use, self-tapping screws for PCBs and a Torx T10 assembly screwdriver.

OKW can supply DIATEC fully customized. Services include CNC machining, lacquering, printing, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, RFI/EMI shielding and installation/assembly of accessories.