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OKW’s TOPTEC Plastic Enclosures – Now In 28 Permutations

Toptec universal plastic enclosures

February 2021

OKW’s TOPTEC plastic enclosures for PCBs with protruding connectors and interfaces are now available in 28 different permutations.

TOPTEC is ideal for applications including monitoring, signalling and control systems; medical and wellness devices; laboratory technology; computer peripherals and IoT/IIoT.

Installations are faster because pre-assembled PCBs fitted with protruding connectors or interfaces can be mounted directly into the case – with no need to wire them in afterwards. The enclosures simply snap together (but for security, a tool is needed to open them).

These smart, modern ABS (UL 94 HB) enclosures can be used for desktop, wall-mounted or DIN rail electronics. The base’s wide lateral opening offers excellent access to components. Clip-in end panels allow connectors to fit straight in. The lid is recessed for a membrane keypad or product label. Inside there are screw pillars for PCBs.

TOPTEC is available in two types: F (flat top) and H (high top) – either with or without slots for ventilation, gas detection or sound. F enclosures are available in four plan sizes: 4.02” x 2.13”, 4.84” x 2.68”, 6.06” x 3.31” and 7.64” x 4.53”. H cases can be specified in all but the smallest plan size.

There are two standard colors: off-white (RAL 9002) and black (RAL 9005).

Accessories include: concealed wall suspension elements (click to fit installation, with fast release tab), DIN rail fastening clips (TH35, G32), anti-slide rubber feet and self-tapping screws for mounting PCBs.

OKW can supply TOPTEC fully customized. Services include CNC machining, lacquering, printing, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, RFI/EMI shielding and installation/assembly of accessories.

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