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Which Plastic Electronic Enclosures For Industry 4.0 Smart Factories?

Blog - September 2018

How Industry 4.0 Is Transforming Factories

Industry 4.0 digitization and networking are enabling workforces, machines, equipment, logistics and products to communicate and cooperate directly – offering companies fantastic opportunities.

Below: MINITEC handheld enclosure used in IIoT application

MINITEC - handheld enclosures for IIoT and Industry 4.0

Previous generations of manufacturers could only have dreamed of the benefits of networked processes – the creation of value-added chains through all phases of a product’s life-cycle, from idea to development, usage, maintenance and eventual recycling.

Industry’s 4.0’s advanced networks make a wealth of information available in real time, enabling optimization through the entire value-added chain. Manufacturers can:

  • incorporate customers’ ideas and feedback from product development to service delivery
  • react at an early stage to the availability of key raw materials 
  • manage production processes in the most energy-efficient way – saving time and resources, reducing costs and emissions.

OKW Enclosures At The Heart Of Industry 4.0

Here’s how OKW customers are using our plastic electronic enclosures to create and deliver Industry 4.0 solutions for their clients…

Conbee’s security Smart TAG enables the tagging and tracking of objects. This forgery-proof tag features a motion sensor to detect and deter attempted manipulation. It is based on Bluetooth 4.x and has a range of 450 ft (150 m).

Smart TAG is housed within an award-winning OKW MINITEC handheld enclosure that can be easily attached to the object to be tracked. For personal security, access and geolocation applications, MINITEC can be suspended around the neck on a lanyard, carried on a hand strap or attached to a key ring.

The Industrial Router is designed for tracking goods. It is installed at key points around a company to read data from smart tags then send the information via Bluetooth or LAN/WLAN to a central server. Transmitted data includes current position, temperature and humidity. ‘Tag finders’ can be customized to customer requirements and alert head office to any incidents.

OKW’s stylish and robust NETBOX wall mount enclosures (IP 65) are used to house the smart factory technology. These slim units feature an elegant curved top section. All the connectors are concealed and protected by the front lid. Technical features also include anti-tamper Torx T10 assembly screws – a key requirement for medical electronics.

Below: NET-BOX wall mount enclosure used in IIoT application

NET-BOX wall mount enclosures for IIoT and industry 4.0

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OKW offers a wide range of standard and customised enclosures ideally suited to Industry 4.0, smart factory and IoT/IIoT applications.

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