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Press Releases

New in-series charging stations for BODY-CASE
October 2018

New mountable stations for OKW’s BODY-CASE wearable enclosures enable multiple units to be charged at once.

New canting kit for OKW’s extruded enclosures
August 2018

OKW has launched a case canting kit to optimize its elegant SMART-TERMINAL extruded aluminum enclosures for table-top use.

New extruded enclosures for embedded PCs and systems
July 2018

OKW has unveiled a new embedded systems version of its sophisticated SMART-TERMINAL extruded enclosures with flat anodized front panels instead of the molded end covers and seals.

OKW extends EVOTEC range to four plan sizes
June 2018

OKW’s EVOTEC designer table-top enclosures are now available in a new smaller 100 size, now giving 4 plan sizes.

New side bags for Carrytec portable instrument enclosures
May 2018

OKW has added optional side bags to its CARRYTEC portable instrument enclosures – making sensors, probes and scanners readily available on the move.

OKW’s new sophisticated extruded enclosures for control electronics
March 2018

OKW has launched SMART-TERMINAL – a brand new range of sophisticated aluminum and
plastic enclosures for control electronics.

OKW’s new smaller EVOTEC designer instrument enclosures
February 2018

OKW’s EVOTEC designer desktop plastic enclosures are now available in a new smaller
150 size – increasing the range to three plan sizes.

New size M and stations for BODY-CASE wearable enclosures
January 2018

OKW has added a new size M and two accessory stations to its BODY-CASE range of fully wearable enclosures.

OKW adds two new sizes to its STYLE-CASE range
November 2017

OKW has extended its STYLE-CASE range of beautiful high-gloss handheld enclosures with two new sizes – size S (4.84” x 1.88” x 0.94”) and size M (5.78” x 2.20” x 1.06”).

More colors for OKW’s designer COM-KNOBS range
October 2017

OKW’s smart modern designer COM-KNOBS are now available in more color permutations than ever.

New larger EVOTEC designer instrument Enclosures
September 2017

OKW’s EVOTEC designer desktop plastic enclosures are now available in a new larger 250 size.


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