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Press Releases 2015

OKW extends UNITEC dual face enclosures range to 12 versions
December 2015

OKW has extended its UNITEC range of dual face sloping front electronic enclosures to 12 versions for each size

OKW launches new CONNECT enclosures for wired electronics
November 2015

OKW has launched its pioneering new range of CONNECT enclosures for wired or USB connected electronics.

SOFT-CASE enclosures are now available in ABS and infrared PMMA
October 2015

OKW’s wide format SOFT-CASE handheld enclosures are now also available molded in infrared-permeable PMMA plastic as standard for remote control technology.

More front panel options for OKW’s DATEC-TERMINAL enclosures
September 2015

OKW has extended its DATEC-TERMINAL range of multi-format sloping front enclosures by offering a choice of front panels and covers.

New options for OKW’s award-winning MINITEC handheld enclosures
August 2015

LOKW has extended its award-winning MINITEC range of plastic handheld enclosures by adding a USB Type A intermediate ring and a belt strap eyelet.

New wall mount element for OKW’s SYNERGY enclosures
July 2015

OKW has added a wall mount element to its award-winning new SYNERGY electronic enclosures range – its first to be manufactured from both plastic and aluminum.

New desk stations and wall holders for DATEC-COMPACT handheld enclosures
June 2015

Desk stations and wall holders are now available for OKW’s tough new range of DATEC-COMPACT handheld electronic enclosures for outdoor use.

OKW enclosures with glass panels for fitting touchscreens
May 2015

OKW’s multifunction INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures are now suitable for touchscreen applications. The cases can be ordered with a high quality glass panel fitted in the top to protect the touchscreen underneath.

OKW extends SMART-BOX IP 66 sealed enclosures range
March 2015

OKW has added a new size to its SMART-BOX range of advanced sealed plastic enclosures for industrial electronics: 5.12” x 8.66” x 2.36”.

OKW’s new CARRYTEC M slim portable instrument enclosures
February 2015

OKW’s CARRYTEC M portable instrument enclosures are now available in a new slim version for tablet style electronics.

OKW's new round & oval Synergy extruded enclosures
January 2015

OKW has added new Round and Oval models to its elegant new range of SYNERGY electronic enclosures – its first to be manufactured from both plastic and extruded aluminum. The new models mean the SYNERGY range now offers 36 enclosures in four types – Round, Oval, Square and Edge (rectangular).