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B4313147 Adapter for Station L


Adapter for Station L

Adapter for mounting Station L on a wall. Supplied with two self-tapping screws for attaching Station L.


1 adapter and 2 self-tapping screws

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CARRYTEC L Robust plastic enclosure with handle. Recessed surface for membrane keyboards. Flat, impact-protected areas on the bottom part of the enclosure for installing interfaces, plug-in connectors, peripheral equipment etc. Interface installation at the rear, e.g. support arm applications, ensures orderly cable routing through enclosure connection, mounting points match the hole patterns of VESA MIS-D 100. Attachment domes for PCBs and components in the top and bottom parts. Stations for easy transmission of data and charging current, as well as battery compartment 5 x AA (processing on request) as an accessory.

Supply Top and bottom parts, TPE handle pad, assembly kit



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ABS (UL 94 HB)
off-white RAL 9002
IP 54 opt.
B4313117 Station L


Station L For secure storage of the enclosure. Can be used on table stand or as wall suspension element. By using it as a wall suspension element the adapter (accessories) is needed. Available with or without base plate (accessory). The enclosure snaps securely into the station. It can be removed easily by pulling the handle. Offers room for charging and data transfer contacts (accessories), interfaces etc.

Supply 1 base, assembly kit



Station L
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ABS (UL 94 HB)
off-white RAL 9002

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What else do you need to create your own personal product? We can supply our enclosures and tuning knobs fully modified to suit your electronic components and design requirements. Please advise for anything else we can do for you.

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off-white RAL 9002
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