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Power supply

Power supply: battery compartments, battery packs, station for charging

From a battery compartment to a customer-specific power pack in the enclosure

Numerous OKW enclosures are available as standard with an integrated battery compartment or holder and battery clips. Some models include an optional charging station to go with the enclosure.

Thanks to our cooperation with the company ANSMANN AG, a specialist in customer-specific energy solutions, we can offer you solutions with rechargeable battery technology on request.

We can also supply different versions and types of battery compartments and holders for direct installation in front panels or enclosure walls as well as battery and button cell holders for installation on PCBs. The comprehensive OKW range of accessories is rounded off by battery plug-in contacts and battery clips, individually or in sets, with different finishes.

Power packs

The development of mobile applications can be highly complex. Account has to be taken of all aspects such as enclosure technology, power supply, electronics, operating elements, as well as topics like standards and approvals. From this point of view, we have entered into cooperation with the company ANSMANN AG,a specialist in customer-specific energy solutions.

Battery compartments and holders, button cell holders

For internal power supply, we offer a comprehensive range of universal battery compartments, battery holders, button cell holders etc. as accessories. Adapted to the application, our standard cases can thus be modified in many different ways.

Station for charging

The electrical energy for charging mobile, battery-operated devices can be performed via recharger cables, inductively or via external station for charging. OKW offers for different handheld enclosures aesthetic stations and supports as accessories, which can be used as a charging station with/without electronics.