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Version "Mobile"
Version "Mobile with station or flat wall suspension element"Versions "Desk-top screw-type connection" / "Desk-top & Wall"Version "Installation"For touch screen 6.4" - 8.4" - 10.4"INTERFACE-TERMINAL application with iPad AirWithout / with battery compartment 5 x AAContacts for base and enclosure (acc.)Contacts for case and flat wall suspension element (acc.)Ergonomic operationCase snaps into base; secured by latch lockInterfaces for wiring in the baseOperating panel - vertical orientation / horizontal orientationPCB with battery packVersion "Mobile"
Version "Mobile with station or flat wall suspension element"
Versions "Desk-top screw-type connection" / "Desk-top & Wall"
Version "Installation"
For touch screen 6.4" (16 cm) - 8.4" (21 cm) - 10.4" (26 cm)
INTERFACE-TERMINAL application with iPad Air
Without / with battery compartment 5 x AA
Contacts for base and enclosure (acc.)
Contacts for case and flat wall suspension element (acc.)
Ergonomic operation
Case snaps into base; secured by latch lock
Interfaces for wiring in the base
Operating panel - vertical orientation / horizontal orientation
PCB with battery pack
Version "Mobile"


Multifunction electronic enclosures

Highly innovative modular plastic enclosures system which can be configured to meet all the requirements of today’s man-machine interfaces.

  • aesthetic and ergonomic design
  • uniquely, the operator can decide to use the electronics as a mobile or as a stationary unit
  • plenty of space for operating elements, graphic displays and touch screens (S: 6.4"/16 cm, M: 8.4"/21 cm, L: 10.4"/26 cm)
  • available with either flat or high bottom part for individual installation configurations, interfaces, cable inputs and outputs etc.
  • optional front panel styles: ABS cover and flat panel, aluminum front panel and glass panel for touch screens
    installation of tablets on demand 
  • protection class IP 54 with sealing gaskets (accessory)
  • internal fastening pillars for PCBs and components
  • ordered as individual components for multiple configurations:
  • mobile (1)
    with/without battery compartment (5 x AA), accessible from the outside, incl. protection against incorrect insertion as well as anti-rotation device; user-friendly design with attractive flat styling in the handle area; finger recesses on the underside ensure a secure grip
  • enclosures with base or flat wall suspension element (2)
    for data transmission and charging the enclosure snaps into base or flat wall suspension element; contacts available as accessories; operating panel can be mounted either vertically or horizontally; the ergonomically inclined base offers plenty of space for electronics
  • desk-top screwed (3)
    operating panel inclined by 20° whether vertically or horizontally mounted; hidden screw fixing; the ergonomically inclined base offers plenty of space for connectors and cable glands; rubber feet supplied with the case ensures non-slip desktop positioning
  • desk-top/wall mounting, secured  by latch lock (4)
    unique interface between a stationary and a mobile component; simplified assembly by snap-in interfaces; the ergonomically inclined base offers plenty of space for plug connectors, electronics as well as wiring; base freely accessible; direct wall mounting of the base; mobile unit can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
  • installation enclosures (5)
    if the architectural standards are particularly high, i.e. in historically buildings, INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures can also be harmoniously integrated in walls or front panels; installation in plant and machinery is also possible; easy wall installation with installation assembly kit


Unique variety of applications: handheld – desk-top – wall mounted – installation

  • Peripheral and interface equipment
  • Office applications
  • Communications technology
  • Safety engineering
  • Biometrics
  • Medical and laboratory technology
  • Health care
  • IoT/IIoT
  • Gateways
  • Automation
  • Measuring/regulating/controlling

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Mobile with battery compartment
Interface-Terminal mobile with battery compartment
Mobile without battery compartment
Interface-Terminal mobile ohne Batteriefach
Mobile with station
Interface-Terminal mobile with station
Mobile / Wall
Interface-Terminal mobile/wall
Desk-top (screw-type connection)
Interface-Terminal desktop enclosures with screw type connection
Desk-top / Wall
Interface-Terminal desktop/wall
Interface-Terminal wall installation