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Desk Case 190 with inclined operating area
Desk Case 190 with keypadDesk Case 138Desk Case 190 F (front panel as accessory)Accept eurocards 100 x 160 mmCombi Desk Case F (front panel as accessory)Desk case with touchscreen and individual colorsDesk Case 190 with inclined operating area
DESK CASE 190 with keypad
DESK CASE 190 F (front panel as accessory)
Accept eurocards 100 x 160 mm
COMBI DESK CASE F (front panel as accessory)
DESK CASE with touchscreen and individual colors
DESK CASE 190 with inclined operating area

Desk Cases

Practical sloping front desktop enclosures

These plastic enclosures are suitable for indoor applications in many different fields of electronics. Choose a case that will fully meet your requirements in terms of size and inclination of the control panel.

  • desk cases with inclined operating area
  • suitable for numeric keypads and membrane keyboards
  • useful range of five different models
  • prepared for the assembly of eurocards 100 x 160 mm (types 138/190/190F/190H)
  • front panel versions are available for the installation of complete prefabricated electronic assemblies
  • connector mounting panel (types 220 & Combi F/H)
  • version with attachment for digital readouts, measuring equipment, encoders etc. (Combi Desk Case H)
  • protection class IP 40
  • wall suspension element as accessory
  • internal screw pillars for PCBs etc.


  • Systems for data collection on the job and machines
  • Communications equipment
  • Access and security controls
  • Data systems engineering
  • Medical, wellness and laboratory technologies
  • Industrial control
  • Point-of-sale devices

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Closed top panel
Desk Cases with closed top part
For fitting an aluminum panel
Desk Cases with front panel