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Universal plastic enclosures
4 sizes, 2 heightsWall suspension element and DIN rail clip as accessoriesAssembly with pre-fitted connectors on the PCBClip-in end panelsEnd panel with ventilation slotsWith flat / high top moldingRecessed operating area for a membrane keypadHidden wall mounting clip (wall suspension element as accessory)DIN rail mounting clip (accessories)Universal plastic enclosures
4 sizes, 2 heights
Wall suspension element and DIN rail clip as accessories
Assembly with pre-fitted connectors on the PCB
Clip-in end panels
End panel with ventilation slots
With flat / high top molding
Recessed operating area for a membrane keypad
Hidden wall mounting clip (wall suspension element as accessory)
DIN rail mounting clip (accessories)
Universal plastic enclosures


Universal plastic enclosures

Our TOPTEC enclosures allow pre-assembled PCBs with protruding connectors and interfaces to be mounted directly into the case. It is no longer necessary to wire in the connectors after fitting the PCB into the enclosure -  an excellent advantage.

  • modern aesthetic design for indoor applications as desktop or wall mounted systems as well as DIN rail mounted devices
  • simple and secure snap-together case assembly
  • for security, a tool is required to open the case
  • base part with lateral opening for quick and easy equipping from all sides
  • clip-in end panels allow PCBs, pre-fitted with connectors, to fit straight in
  • extensive range of 28 models
  • type F with flat top molding
  • type H with high top molding
  • versions with or without ventilation slots
  • ventilation slots can also be used for gas detection and sound
  • discreet wall mounting facility; the hidden wall suspension element, with fast release tab, snaps into apertures on the underside of the base
  • optional DIN rail mounting clip
  • protection class IP 40
  • recess in top for a membrane keypad or label
  • internal screw pillars for PCBs etc.


Universal enclosures for electronic and electro-technical devices. For example

  • Monitoring purposes as check instruments
  • Signalling equipment
  • Control systems
  • Medical and wellness devices
  • Laboratory technology
  • Computer peripherals 
  • IoT/IIoT  

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Without ventilation slots
TOPTEC without ventilation slots
With ventilation slots
TOPTEC with ventilation slots