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Modern illuminated tuning knobs
Single pieces flush-fitting with LED backlightSTAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminatedSTAR-KNOBS surface-mounted with LED backlightKnob with/without knurls, cover with/without finger recessTried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axleAssembly LED backlight (accessory)STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminatedSTAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminatedSTAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminatedModern illuminated tuning knobs
Single pieces flush-fitting with LED backlight
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminated
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted with LED backlight
Knob with/without knurls, cover with/without finger recess
Tried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axle
Assembly LED backlight (accessory)
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminated
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminated
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminated
Modern illuminated tuning knobs


Modern illuminated tuning knobs

Our STAR-KNOBS are designed for menu driven interfaces, click rotation and click push-in for ‘OK’. This reduces the number of knobs and controls required on the front panel. The illumination is a visual highlight and enhances user operation of the equipment.

  • innovative design for flush fitting or surface mounting
  • the flush-fitting version represents an attractive transition between the knob and the front of the device; the knob can be illuminated, that is, a ring lights up between the recess and the knob cover
  • with the surface-mounted version, the knob design makes a great impression thanks to the slight inclination of the body towards the inner axis, thus allowing ergonomically comfortable operation; the knob is mounted on an approx. 3 mm high ring, which can be illuminated if required
  • illumination possible with modern, energy-saving SMD LED technology for power supply units with 5 V: either white backlight for the colors diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire or RGB backlight for individual colors as accessory
  • knob with or without knurls
  • cover with or without finger recess for fine adjustments
  • tried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axle
  • max. torques: assembly = 1.5 Nm, function = 1.2 Nm

knob sizes  boreholes
ø 33 mm  6 mm, 1/4"
ø 41 mm   6 mm, 8 mm

Minimum Components for 1 STAR-KNOB:
1 knob, 1 cover, 1 assembly kit


For rotary potentiometers or rotary pulse generators with round shaft ends in accordance with DIN 41591, including touch function.

  • Measuring and control technology
  • Health Care
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Communication devices
  • Building management
  • Smart Factory

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Flush-fitting with LED illumination
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting with LED illumination
Flush-fitting without illumination
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting without illumination
Surface-mounted with LED illumination
STAR-KNOBS surface mounted with LED illumination
Surface-mounted without illumination
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted without illumination