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Modern illuminated tuning knobs
Single pieces flush-fitting with LED backlightSTAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminatedSTAR-KNOBS surface-mounted with LED backlightKnob with/without knurls, cover with/without finger recessTried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axleAssembly LED backlight (accessory)STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminatedSTAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminatedSTAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminatedModern illuminated tuning knobs
Single pieces flush-fitting with LED backlight
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminated
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted with LED backlight
Knob with/without knurls, cover with/without finger recess
Tried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axle
Assembly LED backlight (accessory)
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminated
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting, illuminated
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted, illuminated
Modern illuminated tuning knobs


Modern illuminated tuning knobs

Our STAR-KNOBS are designed for menu driven interfaces, click rotation and click push-in for ‘OK’. This reduces the number of knobs and controls required on the front panel. The illumination is a visual highlight and enhances user operation of the equipment.

  • innovative design for flush fitting or surface mounting
  • the flush-fitting version represents an attractive transition between the knob and the front of the device; the knob can be illuminated, that is, a ring lights up between the recess and the knob cover
  • with the surface-mounted version, the knob design makes a great impression thanks to the slight inclination of the body towards the inner axis, thus allowing ergonomically comfortable operation; the knob is mounted on an approx. 3 mm high ring, which can be illuminated if required
  • illumination possible with modern, energy-saving SMD LED technology for power supply units with 5 V: either white backlight for the colors diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire or RGB backlight for individual colors as accessory
  • knob with or without knurls
  • cover with or without finger recess for fine adjustments
  • tried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axle
  • max. torques: assembly = 1.5 Nm, function = 1.2 Nm

knob sizes  boreholes
ø 33 mm  6 mm, 1/4"
ø 41 mm   6 mm, 8 mm

Minimum Components for 1 STAR-KNOB:
1 knob, 1 cover, 1 assembly kit


For rotary potentiometers or rotary pulse generators with round shaft ends in accordance with DIN 41591, including touch
Measuring and control technology. Health Care. Heating and air conditioning. Communication devices. Building management.

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Flush-fitting with LED illumination
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting with LED illumination
Flush-fitting without illumination
STAR-KNOBS flush-fitting without illumination
Surface-mounted with LED illumination
STAR-KNOBS surface mounted with LED illumination
Surface-mounted without illumination
STAR-KNOBS surface-mounted without illumination