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B3507025 Aluminum end plate


Aluminum end plate

(Order when specifying a SMART-TERMINAL enclosure from individual parts). Simple end plate for fitting to the case profile. Fitted by four screws.
Cannot to be used in conjunction with the designer seals.
Enclosure length = profile length + 4 mm (when using the end plates on both sides).


1 end plate, 4 screws

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A9209229 Anti-slide feet 0.335" x 0.087"


Anti-slide feet 0.335" x 0.087" For SMART-TERMINAL enclosures fitted with the aluminum end plates.
These self-adhesive rubber feet ensure stable positioning and/or make sure the enclosure does not slip.
4 rubber feet required per enclosure.

Supply 2 rubber feet



Anti-slide feet 0.335" x 0.087"
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matt anodized
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