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Example 3: Slimmer CARRYTEC Handheld Cases

CARRYTEC is one of OKW’s largest cases. In fact, it’s the biggest of all the 18 models of handheld enclosures we offer – so large that it can be inverted and attached to a suspension arm.

Size L is the largest CARRYTEC. At 13.70" x 11.92" x 4.60", it’s bordering on an attaché case. Sizes S and M are fairly deep too at 3.15" and 3.58" respectively.

But what if you want something slimmer to house a tablet? You’ll need a tough enclosure:

  • with a robust, integrated handle for easy portability
  • that offers IP 54 protection as an option
  • that is molded from either ABS or UV-stable ASA+PC-FR.

That’s where CARRYTEC M Slim comes in. Its plan size is 10.62" x 9.72" just like CARRYTEC M. But it’s only 1.65" deep ( instead of M’s 3.58") – making it ideal for mounting a tablet.