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People buy with their eyes. No-one will know that your electronics are revolutionary if your product doesn’t look the part. It will fail at the first hurdle if nobody cares enough to pick it up. So a visually enticing housing is crucial.

But you can’t blow development budget you don’t have on a bespoke housing. Solution? Specify a standard plastic enclosure then customize it.

Why Discrete Design Is So Important

No standard enclosure should look ‘standard’ – ever. They should all look smart, modern and unique to the product they’re housing. That’s a tall order but not impossible; the aim is to create a case that is visually impressive but understated…one that does not scream that it’s ‘standard’.

A good standard enclosure should be elegant but discrete in design. This ensures that less customization is needed to make it perfect for your application…and different from other electronics products. Good customization always starts with great standard enclosures.