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What To Look For In A Low-Profile Wall-Mount Enclosure

Today’s plastic wall-mount enclosures are very different from their predecessors. Applications such as IIoT, building management, network nodes, security/access and timekeeping call for something much sleeker and more sophisticated than before.

Comfortable ergonomic curves are a must, even though these smart new wall-mount enclosures won’t be cradled and cosseted like their handheld counterparts. And they enjoy a wealth of technical features too – each model has key requisites that make it perfect for its role.

But there are common features that you should look out for when specifying these enclosures:

  • Materials – virtually all are molded from tough and UV-stable plastics that outperform tried and trusted ABS (as good as it is). Look for plastics such as ASA or the ASA/polycarbonate blend ASA+PC-FR.
  • Torx assembly screws – they deter tampering. Torx screws are a required feature for electronics destined for hospitals, surgeries and other medical environments.
  • Accessories – many models offer a wide range of extras that make it easy to adapt them to their required role.
  • Advanced customization options – pretty much any supplier can machine your enclosures, but do they also offer lacquering, photo-quality decor foils and digital printing, laser engraving, RFI/EMI shielding, special materials, installation and assembly all under one roof?