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Our Best Slim Wall-Mount Enclosures For IIoT, Building Management

OKW's best slim wall mount enclosures

What To Look For In A Low-Profile Wall-Mount Enclosure

Today’s plastic wall-mount enclosures are very different from their predecessors. Applications such as IIoT, building management, network nodes, security/access and timekeeping call for something much sleeker and more sophisticated than before.

Comfortable ergonomic curves are a must, even though these smart new wall-mount enclosures won’t be cradled and cosseted like their handheld counterparts. And they enjoy a wealth of technical features too – each model has key requisites that make it perfect for its role.

But there are common features that you should look out for when specifying these enclosures:

  • Materials – virtually all are molded from tough and UV-stable plastics that outperform tried and trusted ABS (as good as it is). Look for plastics such as ASA or the ASA/polycarbonate blend ASA+PC-FR.
  • Torx assembly screws – they deter tampering. Torx screws are a required feature for electronics destined for hospitals, surgeries and other medical environments.
  • Accessories – many models offer a wide range of extras that make it easy to adapt them to their required role.
  • Advanced customization options – pretty much any supplier can machine your enclosures, but do they also offer lacquering, photo-quality decor foils and digital printing, laser engraving, RFI/EMI shielding, special materials, installation and assembly all under one roof?
SMART-PANEL wall-mount enclosures


Seamless Aesthetics, Swift Installation – Ideal For Sensors And Touchscreens

If ever there were one perfect small enclosure for building management sensors and touchscreens then SMART-PANEL is it. Like an iceberg, you only ever see the top – and it’s just as cool. At the risk of labouring the simile, there’s a whole lot of important goodness going on below the surface too...

Underneath that elegant flush-fit top, SMART-PANEL is designed to fit standard cavity wall boxes. The top just clips into place – and can be unclipped just as easily with a pair of special tools (accessory) – so installation and maintenance are incredibly easy. Small isn’t just beautiful…it’s very convenient too.

Martin Nußberger of polyform Industrie Design said: “This panel is something to be proud of! The top, the face of the enclosure, is the centre of the design. Only a narrow frame surrounds the user interface, and the base of the enclosure blends in.

“The differentiated interplay of the finishes, polished and finely structured, the materials used, the elegance and precision of the design elements show off the quality of your product to best advantage.”

We couldn’t have put it better!

View SMART-PANEL range >>

SMART-CONTROL corner mount enclosures


The Intelligent Choice For Corner-Mounted Electronics

‘Wall-mount’ doesn’t just mean long, flat surfaces. But for years enclosure manufacturers overlooked this vital consideration: why were there no dedicated wall-mountable housings for corners?

Well now there are (and in two sizes). Wedge-shaped SMART-CONTROL tucks neatly into 90° angles; all the fixings are concealed, thanks to a clever wall suspension element that also enables installation on flat walls.

Choose from two versions: one with a smooth convex top, the other with a recessed top to accommodate a membrane keypad. PCBs can be mounted in the top or bottom, giving you plenty of capacity – even though the enclosure sits in a tight corner. Or on a desk if you prefer. (Why restrict it to just walls?)

View SMART-CONTROL range >>

NET-BOX Low profile wall-mount enclosures


Modern Enclosures For Control Units, Network Nodes

Even by our standards, NET-BOX is a very different kind of wall-mount enclosure. At launch, it marked a real departure, a big leap – thanks to its advanced technical features. One of the keys to its success is the clip-on front panel that complements the stylish curved top and conceals any connectors.

The three-point wall-mounting system means there’s no need to open the main electronics section – just the front lid. This speeds up installations and maintenance. And the only screws you’ll see are the two cunningly tucked away on the underside (and even then, you’d need to look for them). Two versions of NET-BOX are available, one with openings in the bottom section – making installations faster still.

Both versions have screw pillars in the bottom for mounting PCBs and assemblies. Optional infill covers close the underside opening to give you more space for components. NET-BOX is assembled with anti-tamper Torx screws as standard. IP 65 ingress protection is optional.

View NET-BOX range >>

DIATEC designer wall-mount enclosures


Low-Profile Tablet-Style Enclosures For Communications, Networks

DIATEC is a hidden gem that’s all too easy to overlook amid all the other great enclosures we offer. The fact that it’s molded from ABS as standard is a subtle clue that it’s an older design – but you’d never know it because DIATEC’s smooth curves look brand new. (And you can custom-specify it in an ASA-based plastic if you prefer.)

These flat, modern tablet-style enclosures sit close to the wall (or desktop), taking up very little space, but there’s plenty of room inside. On the top is a large central control panel area for mounting a touchscreen, display or membrane keypad; down below is a recessed area for interfaces, connectors and cable glands. Think of DIATEC as an alternative to NET-BOX which – to be fair – has stolen a little of its thunder over the years.

Like NET-BOX, DIATEC can be wall-mounted quickly and easily with no visible fixing screws. But it also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Snap-on side panels allow you to install DIATEC without having to disassemble the top panel. Locking tabs secure the side panels to prevent tampering. Inside, slot-in panels (accessory) can be used to separate the electronics and terminal areas.

DIATEC is also available with transparent, translucent or opaque hinged lids that open up above the central control section. An integrated battery compartment (sizes S, M, L) offers a choice of either 1 x 9 V or 2 x AA cells. A fourth size (XS) is available without a battery compartment. Size XS is a two-piece case rather than DIATEC’s normal four-piece construction.

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