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Modern Enclosures For Control Units, Network Nodes

Even by our standards, NET-BOX is a very different kind of wall-mount enclosure. At launch, it marked a real departure, a big leap – thanks to its advanced technical features. One of the keys to its success is the clip-on front panel that complements the stylish curved top and conceals any connectors.

The three-point wall-mounting system means there’s no need to open the main electronics section – just the front lid. This speeds up installations and maintenance. And the only screws you’ll see are the two cunningly tucked away on the underside (and even then, you’d need to look for them). Two versions of NET-BOX are available, one with openings in the bottom section – making installations faster still.

Both versions have screw pillars in the bottom for mounting PCBs and assemblies. Optional infill covers close the underside opening to give you more space for components. NET-BOX is assembled with anti-tamper Torx screws as standard. IP 65 ingress protection is optional.