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Low-Profile Tablet-Style Enclosures For Communications, Networks

DIATEC is a hidden gem that’s all too easy to overlook amid all the other great enclosures we offer. The fact that it’s molded from ABS as standard is a subtle clue that it’s an older design – but you’d never know it because DIATEC’s smooth curves look brand new. (And you can custom-specify it in an ASA-based plastic if you prefer.)

These flat, modern tablet-style enclosures sit close to the wall (or desktop), taking up very little space, but there’s plenty of room inside. On the top is a large central control panel area for mounting a touchscreen, display or membrane keypad; down below is a recessed area for interfaces, connectors and cable glands. Think of DIATEC as an alternative to NET-BOX which – to be fair – has stolen a little of its thunder over the years.

Like NET-BOX, DIATEC can be wall-mounted quickly and easily with no visible fixing screws. But it also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Snap-on side panels allow you to install DIATEC without having to disassemble the top panel. Locking tabs secure the side panels to prevent tampering. Inside, slot-in panels (accessory) can be used to separate the electronics and terminal areas.

DIATEC is also available with transparent, translucent or opaque hinged lids that open up above the central control section. An integrated battery compartment (sizes S, M, L) offers a choice of either 1 x 9 V or 2 x AA cells. A fourth size (XS) is available without a battery compartment. Size XS is a two-piece case rather than DIATEC’s normal four-piece construction.