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Accessories For EVOTEC Enclosures

IP 65 seals are available for all EVOTEC enclosures, enhancing their ingress protection. IP 65 offers complete protection against dust and a good degree of protection against jets of water. The test involves 12.5 litres of water per minute (30 kPa pressure) being sprayed at the enclosure from a distance of three metres for at least 15 minutes. Find out more here about IP ratings.

Accessories also include:

  • A concealed wall suspension element that is suitable for any small plastic enclosure with a flat base. The adapter’s smart design enables you to clip EVOTEC into its wall-mounted holder quickly and easily. Two screws can be used to secure the enclosure in place. The design features tamperproof Torx screws, a key requirement for medical devices
  • A fastening element for TH35 and G32 DIN rails. It is suitable for EVOTEC sizes 100, 125 and 150.
  • A Torx T8 screwdriver
  • Self-tapping screws (2.5 x 6 mm) – choose from PZ1 or T8.