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Safeguarding Electronic Devices That Save Lives

Technology that heals the sick and saves lives is always truly awe-inspiring. So the enclosures that house it must reflect that. Safeguarding the electronics is not enough though: the enclosures must be a visible reassurance that the medical device in question will always work first time, every time – without fail. Devices that look old and tired do not inspire confidence.

This applies to any and every electronic device in the hospital or surgery – not just those used for frontline clinical applications. It also includes any devices used in vital hospital administration and communications roles.

You’ll find them on hospital desktops, counters and tabletops. And their enclosures face the same contradictory challenges as the clinical technology. They must be robust but not too ‘industrial’…aesthetically pleasing but discreetly understated…easy-to-operate but secure and tamperproof.

OKW’s 42 different enclosure models include 17 for desktops and tabletops. Here are eight best suited to medical applications. Each brings something special to the table…