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Compare OKW's Desktop/Tabletop Enclosures For Medical Devices

Desktop/Tabletop enclosures for medical electronics

Safeguarding Electronic Devices That Save Lives

Technology that heals the sick and saves lives is always truly awe-inspiring. So the enclosures that house it must reflect that. Safeguarding the electronics is not enough though: the enclosures must be a visible reassurance that the medical device in question will always work first time, every time – without fail. Devices that look old and tired do not inspire confidence.

This applies to any and every electronic device in the hospital or surgery – not just those used for frontline clinical applications. It also includes any devices used in vital hospital administration and communications roles.

You’ll find them on hospital desktops, counters and tabletops. And their enclosures face the same contradictory challenges as the clinical technology. They must be robust but not too ‘industrial’…aesthetically pleasing but discreetly understated…easy-to-operate but secure and tamperproof.

OKW’s 42 different enclosure models include 17 for desktops and tabletops. Here are eight best suited to medical applications. Each brings something special to the table…

Interface-Terminal Enclosures

INTERFACE-TERMINAL – The Modular Solution

For sheer versatility, INTERFACE-TERMINAL is hard to beat. This modular go-anywhere enclosure system is designed to house the very latest touchscreens and graphics displays. Simply specify the sections you require to configure your perfect enclosure.

Options include a desktop screw-type connection (with 20° inclined top), a desktop/wall mount version, a case that snaps into a base (secured by latch lock) and a generous recess in the base for interface wiring. This recess can accommodate large connectors and cable glands so they remain hidden and secure. Choose your preferred front panel (accessory): ABS, aluminum (for added strength) or glass (for touchscreens). There’s even one front aluminum panel specially designed to house an iPad Air tablet.

And the desktop configurations of INTERFACE-TERMINAL are complemented by mobile, wall-mount and flush-mount versions – offering cost efficiencies and also continuity in design language.

View the INTERFACE-TERMINAL range >>


Smart-Terminal Enclosures

SMART-TERMINAL – Elegance In Extruded Aluminum

Combining extruded aluminum with two different high performance plastics has created a desktop enclosure that’s both elegant and very robust. The matt-anodized aluminum main case body features PCB guides for sliding in circuit boards – speeding up installations, inspections and maintenance.

UV-stable ASA+PC-FR end covers sit snugly inside soft-touch TPV seals. These end covers are deeply recessed to protect connectors. Or you could specify simple flat aluminum end covers instead if you prefer. And we’ve just modified the 12° case canting kit to make SMART-TERMINAL more stable than ever.

View the SMART-TERMINAL range >>


EVOTEC desktop enclosures

EVOTEC – Soft-Contoured Designer Desktop/Wall Enclosures

There are two versions of EVOTEC – flat or sloping (12°) top – and either one of these soft-contoured ergonomic designs is at home on a flat surface. But it’s the latter wedge-shaped version that’s best suited to desktop duties involving regular viewing and operation. And for that reason there’s a choice of sloping tops (flat or recessed).

Like so many of our recent models, EVOTEC is moulded from ASA+PC-FR for added protection against the Sun’s rays, even though it’s destined to spend its life indoors. That ensures it’ll stay looking great for longer while lesser plastics fade and weaken in the withering ultraviolet glare. All the cases are assembled with tamperproof Torx screws as standard – a must for medical devices. And options include IP 65 ingress protection.

View the EVOTEC range >> 


PROTEC desktop/wall mount enclosures

PROTEC – The Square Multi-Version Solution

Rectangles dominate the world of enclosures; you’d be surprised how few offer a square plan size. But PROTEC does – and it does so in three versions:

  • I – with a deeply recessed interface area at the rear
  • II – as Version I but with a snap-on flush-fitted cover to hide the recess
  • III – as Version I but with a deep cover that provides extra space inside for components, cabling and connectors.

All three versions feature a 20° sloping top for ergonomic operation. The top has a generous recess, offering plenty of space for a touchscreens or membrane keypad. And like EVOTEC, PROTEC also features Torx assembly screws as standard – along with optional IP 65 protection – making it a very popular choice for control centre electronics in hospitals, surgeries and other healthcare environments.

View the PROTEC range >>


SYNERGY aluminium desktop enclosures

SYNERGY – The Award-Winner

Before SMART-TERMINAL, there was SYNERGY. This was OKW’s first enclosure to combine finely-finished aluminum and high-performance plastic in perfect harmony, wowing judges in the iF Product Design Awards.

This was no gentle dabbling in the world of high-end metal, no casual experiment. We went big from day one, launching SYNERGY in not one but four plan sizes: square, round, rectangular and oval/stadium-shaped. Between them they offer a choice of 36 standard sizes. And thanks to SYNERGY’s smart construction method, all the fixings are completely hidden – even when you lift up the enclosure and inspect the underside.

View the SYNERGY range >>


COMTEC desktop enclosures

COMTEC – The Tried And Trusted Classic

How do you create an enclosure that looks sleek and sharp but feels comfortable and well rounded? The secret is in the clever bevelling. COMTEC is an enduring design that’s both modern and timeless, giving it a certain discretion.

COMTEC’s engaging design includes a 10° sloping top (with recess), a flat or raised bottom (for large-volume components) and a large area at the top for interfaces…ideal for D-Sub connectors. It’s also available in a choice of two colours as standard: off white (RAL 9002) or black (RAL 9005).

View the COMTEC range >>


MEDITEC desktop enclosures

MEDITEC – Larger Housings For Tabletop/Portable Medical Electronics

There can be no doubt what this enclosure is for – not with a name like MEDITEC. Like COMTEC, this is another well proven OKW classic. Strengthening ribs give these enclosures extra rigidity. There are two standard heights and four plan sizes based on Eurocard-sized PCBs (double and extended).

Clip-in side trims with/without ventilation slots hide the fixing screws. They’re available in the case color (off-white RAL 9002), in lagoon green or in other colors on request. Options include a bail arm that doubles as a desk stand. It can be adjusted in 30° increments to create the perfect angle for viewing and operation.

View the MEDITEC range >>


UNITEC desktop enclosures

UNITEC – The Dual-Face Option

UNITEC is a standard enclosure that’s designed for a highly specialized task but remains incredibly versatile. This is the dual-face desktop enclosure for face-to-face applications: one user inputs the data using one face while another user reads the displays/printouts on the other.

The two operating areas are inclined by 72° and 18°. Electronics can be installed as complete packages because the top and front are at right angles to each other. The areas are recessed – and uniquely, it is possible to have an all-over product label.

View the UNITEC range >>


Enclosures for medical electronics brochure

Download Our New Medical Enclosures Brochure

OKW’s new Enclosures & Tuning Knobs For Medical Equipment brochure covers an offering that spans more than 3,000 different products. Applications include wireless/wired remote controls; emergency systems, monitoring and signalling devices; portable solutions for personal protection and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL); analysis, diagnostics and therapy equipment; monitoring systems and IoT; peripheral devices and data acquisition for laboratories and research.

Download our the brochure here >>


Customised enclosures for medical enclosures

Specify Fully Customized Enclosures For Medical Electronics

Discover how easy it is to specify fully finished enclosures for your medical devices. View our full range of customization services here. Specify machined and branded enclosures that can go straight to your production line for installation of components.

All customization work is carried out in-house – so you deal with one expert supplier who is fully accountable for the quality of your finished enclosures. Greater supply chain security, less administration, faster shipping.

View OKW customizing services >>

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