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Modular Multi-Role Touchscreen Enclosures

If you thought it was difficult finding a standard enclosure to suit just one touchscreen role, try specifying one that can handle them all. It’s challenging…but not impossible. Our modular INTERFACE-TERMINAL enables you to specify your ideal enclosure simply by selecting your preferred pieces.

Just choose your preferred bottom section and cover. Then add a front/glass panel (if required), a seal and an installation kit (for flush-mounting in walls). The range of possibilities is very large indeed. One enclosure model can house your electronics for mobile, portable, wall-mount, desktop and even flush-mount applications. By using the same model for different roles, you ensure design continuity – and create cost efficiencies by ordering larger numbers of the same enclosure sections.

The flush-mount configuration in particular is great for touchscreens. It’s very well suited for heritage properties and other sensitive locations where modern technology is required but must blend in as much as possible. For these applications, INTERFACE-TERMINAL can be very discreet indeed, especially if you opt for a custom color or lacquered texture instead of the standard off-white (RAL 9002).

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