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Specifying new and improved housings for your existing products – whether they have the same components or not – is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into them. And not just from an aesthetic point of view…

This is not some superficial prettying up of your devices. This is about delivering real improvements by uprating the ergonomic and other technical qualities of your enclosures. You can make them more advanced, more robust, more comfortable to hold and operate. You can take your products to a new level – simply by retailoring them with a smart new outfit.

And it need not be a challenge. Yes, it’s understandable if you’re worried about all the time and resources needed to create a brand new custom enclosure from the ground up. You’re busy enough already trying to source available components (and potentially redesign your PCBs to accommodate them).

But we’re not talking about a fully bespoke enclosure. We’re talking about sourcing readily available standard enclosures (that don’t look standard) and having them fully customized by a single source supplier that is fully accountable for the whole process from start to finish. Your customized enclosures can go straight from your Goods In to your production line ready for installation of components.