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Renew your electronic enclosures


As an electronics designer, your sights are set firmly on the innovation horizon – on creating the next great products for your target markets. But in these challenging times you may be spending more time revisiting your existing products…simply to reconfigure them with different components because the original ones you specified are no longer available in a realistic timescale or at a sensible price.

Global component shortages are worsening, forcing some manufacturers to take some very tough decisions. The long and painful chip crisis – caused by Covid-19 restrictions and compounded by growing demand for products for remote working – shows little sign of abating. Demand for semi-conductors has grown by nearly 30%. Basic components such as resistors and capacitors remain in short supply. There is some light at the end of the tunnel for the second half of 2022 but the shortages could continue well into 2023 before constraints ease to any meaningful degree.

So where does that leave electronics manufacturers? You’re under pressure to create products that look new and enhanced…but how can you when you’re struggling to source essential components at any price, let alone a viable one? The pressure is on, the clock is ticking – because electronics is all about rapid innovation, about maintaining and accelerating a flow of smart new desirable products. And you have to deliver…


Repackage your electronics with a new enclosure


Specifying new and improved housings for your existing products – whether they have the same components or not – is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into them. And not just from an aesthetic point of view…

This is not some superficial prettying up of your devices. This is about delivering real improvements by uprating the ergonomic and other technical qualities of your enclosures. You can make them more advanced, more robust, more comfortable to hold and operate. You can take your products to a new level – simply by retailoring them with a smart new outfit.

And it need not be a challenge. Yes, it’s understandable if you’re worried about all the time and resources needed to create a brand new custom enclosure from the ground up. You’re busy enough already trying to source available components (and potentially redesign your PCBs to accommodate them).

But we’re not talking about a fully bespoke enclosure. We’re talking about sourcing readily available standard enclosures (that don’t look standard) and having them fully customized by a single source supplier that is fully accountable for the whole process from start to finish. Your customized enclosures can go straight from your Goods In to your production line ready for installation of components.


Today's latest enclosures


Modern enclosures outperform even their comparatively recent predecessors in lots of ways. With plenty of contemporary curves and soft contours they don’t just look better, they feel much better too. This alone may be enough to merit upgrading your enclosure. And it’s just the start…

Take a look at the materials the new models are molded from too. Tried-and-trusted ABS is increasingly being superseded by UV-stable ASA Luran or an ASA-Polycarbonate blend that’s stronger than ABS and offers superior flammability resistance. Some ASA enclosures also have a high-gloss finish for easy cleaning – recommended for medical electronics or other applications where hygiene is a critical issue.

And then there are all the technical features, each designed to handle a specific task – while ensuring the enclosure in question remains versatile enough to accommodate a range of different applications. Here are some examples…



SLIM-CASE enclosures


SLIM-CASE is a new cellphone-style enclosure for mobile electronics. It has a deceptively capacious interior, a soft-touch TPE intermediate ring (option) and can accommodate inductive charging using NFC technology with Qi chargers. SLIM-CASE is specialized but the range of applications is huge – including measuring and control, wireless communications, IoT/IIoT, healthcare, safety engineering, office and environmental technology.

View the SLIM-CASE range >>




SMART-PANEL is a small touchscreen housing designed specifically for intelligent building control and monitoring technology. Its dimensions are no accident: these elegant little housings flush-mount into standard cavity wall boxes. And there are no fixing screws: the enclosures snap together for fast assembly and open with the aid of a special tool (accessory). But add anti-slide feet (accessory) and these wall-mount housings can also be specified for desktop/tabletop use.

View the SMART-PANEL range >>


PROTEC enclosures


PROTEC is a square control centre enclosure which suits a broad spectrum of applications including surveillance, data acquisition, data systems engineering, building services, IoT/IIoT, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 and medical technology. It’s available in three versions – offering you a greater choice of desktop and wall-mounting options.

View the PROTEC range >>


EVOTEC enclosures


EVOTEC designer tabletop enclosures feature a large operating area for touchscreens, displays, switches and buttons. These comfortable soft-contoured housings can also be wall mounted or fitted to TH35 and G32 DIN rails.

View the EVOTEC range >>


SMART-BOX enclosures


SMART-BOX is an advanced IP 66 enclosure for industrial electronics – including IoT/IIoT, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, HVAC, safety technology, control and system engineering. These universal wall and desktop cases feature hinged flush-fitting trims to hide the fixing and mounting screws. ‘Lid closed’ installation protects the seal and electronics when the enclosures are destined for challenging locations.

View the SMART-BOX range >>


EASYTEC enclosure


EASYTEC is a small pole-mountable enclosure for sensors. Its technical features include a curved recess on the rear section (to accommodate the pole) and mounting lugs that enable it to be cable-tied in place quickly and easily. But the lugs also feature screw holes so EASYTEC is equally at home on flat surfaces too.

View the EASYTEC range >>

The list goes on: CARRYTEC is an instrumentation attaché case  that can also house a tablet or be mounted (inverted) on a suspension arm…ART-CASE is a wall-mount/desktop housing with an optional Euro plug module…BODY-CASE is a wristwatch-style enclosure that can also be clipped to a belt/pocket, attached to a key ring or worn on a lanyard. And then there are enclosures such as INTERFACE-TERMINAL, which offers a whole host of possibilities in one model  because it’s modular – you create the housing you want by specifying different components.

We make it easier for you to specify the right model by providing information on how to find enclosures for:


Specialized enclosures


Standard enclosures used to be overly anonymous. Not anymore. Today’s new generation of off-the-shelf enclosures is a world away from its forebears. Their application-centric design ethos – giving you a huge choice of highly specialized models – means that very little customization is needed to create the perfect housing for your specific requirements. But the cases are still discreet enough in design to ensure that your products will never resemble those of your competitors.

The latest CNC technology makes machining more efficient than ever – saving time. Digital printing offers you photo-quality graphics – and reduces set-up time, costs and minimum batch sizes. Lacquering opens up a whole world of different colours, lustres and textures for your housings. So you get the new enclosure you need faster and more cost-effectively. Just what you need if you’re already having to spend more time and resources tracking down components.

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Get expert technical advice on specifying the best new enclosures for your applications. Discover how few customization tweaks are needed to transform a standard off-the-shelf case into your perfect finished enclosure.

Ask us about a sample. Download drawings and 3D models of your preferred enclosure so you can see how it will look fully customized.