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It’s a measure of the importance we attach to menu-driven electronics that there are now two ranges of OKW knobs dedicated specifically to it: new award-winning CONTROL-KNOBS and the tried-and-trusted STAR-KNOBS.

Menu-driven electronics technology reduces the number of controls needed. Its ‘rotate to select, click to okay’ functionality makes devices easier and more intuitive to operate – a key consideration.

CONTROL-KNOBS won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2022; judges hailed them as “perfect all round”. The knobs’ innovative design combines a hard inner core (molded from tough Polycarbonate) with a soft-touch TPE outer shell that is grooved for improved grip.

There is optional illumination – either a translucent optic ring on the top, or the aforementioned ring plus an additional pointer line on the side. Illumination is via SMD LED technology (5 V). RGB LEDs allow individual lighting and colors. Recently, we increased the number of LEDs on the larger knobs from eight to 12. (The smaller knobs have eight LEDs).

STAR-KNOBS also feature optional SMD LED illumination but this time it is around the base of the knob, rather than the top. The other key difference is that STAR-KNOBS can be either surface mounted or flush fitting. Finger knurls are optional. STAR-KNOBS that flush-fit can be specified with an ergonomic dimple in the top for easy operation. Both ranges employ the proven collet fixture system.