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Highly specialized enclosures such as DATEC-CONTROL prove overwhelmingly that it’s possible to create an enclosure for a specific role – and yet still retain its versatility and discretion of design.

DATEC-CONTROL (IP 54/65 optional) is the ‘go to’ enclosure for standard-sized LCDs and graphics display modules. Despite its size and capacity, the housing’s ergonomic curves and narrow holding area make it comfortable to operate for long periods – perfect for mobile data collection/transfer, measuring and control, medical and wellness devices, and Industry 4.0/Smart Factory technology.

These ABS enclosures are available in four sizes, offering a generous array of battery options: 2/3/4/5 x AA, 1 x 9 V. Sizes M and L feature plug-in cradles and protected mounting for a PCMCIA card. Accessories include desk and wall stations, wall suspension elements, battery compartments and soft-touch protectors with/without a strap.