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Industry 4.0’s broad spectrum of requirements means that OKW now offers a large number of enclosures for IIoT electronics. There are standard and customizable housings for small stationary sensors, for mobile tracking of people and objects, for network nodes, and for wall-mounted and desktop displays and controllers.

Recent years have seen a surge in the number of enclosures developed principally though not exclusively for Industry 4.0/IIoT applications – notably for small sensors. These IIoT sensor enclosures must be tough and have good levels of ingress protection but this alone is not enough...

Small sensor units must be quick and easy to install because the typical smart factory will require a large network of them. Housings such as new MINI-DATA-BOX (IP 65 optional) can be specified either with or without flanges that allow the enclosures to be cable-tied or screwed in place. These enclosures can be fitted to poles, rails and walls swiftly and simply.

The highly effective flanges available on MINI-DATA-BOX are also a key feature on EASYTEC (IP 65 optional), another enclosure designed specifically for small sensors. EASYTEC’s base has a curved recess at the rear, adding stability when the enclosures are fitted to round profiles.

For mobile tracking, there are housings such as BODY-CASE (IP 65) and award- winning MINITEC – both of which are standout models in OKW’s range of wearable enclosures. BODY-CASE is designed to fit a standard 18 mm watchstrap so it’s comfortable to wear for prolonged periods – and its glossy finish makes it easy to keep clean in challenging industrial environments. These features make it ideal for tracking and monitoring personnel, and for emergency call and safety applications.

Meanwhile, MINITEC’s choice of intermediate rings enables it to be fitted to a wide range of straps, belts and lanyards. Significantly, it can also be clipped to a key ring, making it very easy to attach to objects that need to be tracked around a large smart factory or logistics centre.