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There’s one sure sign that an enclosure model has been popular for a very long time – when it’s available with a huge number of sizes and permutations as standard. And our bestselling SHELL-TYPE CASES are no exception: the range now offers 51 different choices based on three standard variants:

  • Type V – with an open front for an aluminum or infrared-transparent PMMA panel (accessory).
  • Type O – with open front and rear for panels (accessories).
  • Type G (IP 65 optional, if there is no battery compartment) – with closed front and rear.

Types V and G of these ABS enclosures are available with or without a battery compartment (2 x AA, 4 x AA, 1 x 9 V). Tongue and groove construction adds strength, and the front is deeply recessed to provide further protection. Inside, there is a choice of mounting options; PCBs can either slide into vertical guide ridges or be fitted to screw pillars.

Many instrument enclosures tend to be limited to desktop duties but SHELL-TYPE CASES are much more versatile. Accessories include wall mounting brackets, wall suspension elements, a belt/pocket clip and ring eyelets.

SHELL-TYPE CASES also offer excellent protection against EMI and RFI. Contact strips (accessory) provide extra electrical continuity between the top and base. OKW also offers shielding as a customization service.