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CARRYTEC (IP 54 optional) is one of the two exceptions to the ‘display and controls on the front’ rule of thumb that we mentioned earlier. These enclosures look more like an attaché case with a recessed top for a membrane keypad or display.

Unlike all the other enclosures we’ve discussed so far, CARRYTEC can be specified in UV-stable and V-0 ASA+PC as standard. Yes, it’s available in tried and trusted ABS as standard too – but for outdoor use and added strength, the ASA+PC blend is the one to choose.

But CARRYTEC’s robustness is not merely a result of the plastic. The enclosure handle is integrated – rather than added separately – so you can be sure it’ll withstand the hard knocks meted out by challenging working environments.

It’s also well worth checking out CARRYTEC’S large number of accessories. They include battery compartment kits (5 x AA), docking stations for desktops or wall mounting, and holding clamps for rails (notably those on hospital beds).

There are also extra side bags that significantly increase the carrying capacity of these already capacious enclosures. The side pouches are ideal for carrying probes to be used in conjunction with the main unit. These probes can stay connected at all times for swift deployment.