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Interface-Terminal enclosures

Complete enclosure configuration kits

Now available as complete kits for the most popular configurations.

Modular plastic enclosures such as INTERFACE-TERMINAL give you a huge choice of options – and now we’ve made it even faster to order.

We’ve looked at the most popular configurations of INTERFACE-TERMINAL and packaged them as sets.

So you can order complete enclosures as one part number – speeding up the ordering process. That works for the full range of sizes: L (10.83” x 7.68”), M (8.86” x 6.50”) and S (7.48” x 5.32”) – either with or without battery compartments and docking stations.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL is one of OKW’s most versatile ranges, offering ABS enclosures that can be held in the hand then docked on a desk, wall or in a vehicle for charging and data transfer.

This gives you a highly ergonomic solution that will delight even the most demanding of portable electronics users. And the wide selection of base sections, panels, covers, seals, battery compartments and contacts makes it much simpler to specify your chosen enclosures as standard units.

That makes INTERFACE-TERMINAL much easier, quicker – and therefore more cost effective – to customize to your exact specifications. So you can cut project costs, reduce time to market – and get the enclosure you really want: the sleek design that gives your electronics the extra wow factor.

Prices for INTERFACE-TERMINAL start at $49. View the product page here and see all the configurations available. Use our database-driven web site to the choice of options and accessories for each variation. Look out for the helpful green boxes – they’ll show you the minimum number of components you’ll need to assemble each complete configuration of INTERFACE-TERMINAL.


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