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Datec-Terminal application

Good security and access control products must be robust, discrete and able to cope with a diverse range of operational environments. Those are precisely the same qualities needed for a great standard electronic enclosure. And it doesn’t take much customisation to transform an off-the-shelf case into your unique housing…

Will Plastic Be Tough Enough For My Enclosure?

Yes, in most cases. Think ‘security’ and it’s easy to assume that your electronics will need a metal housing to survive the demands of the application. Not so. ABS has always been a robust benchmark plastic (hence its popularity) – and others are available if you need something stronger:

  • Polycarbonate (PC) for impact resistance
  • Acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) for UV stability – essential for prolonged outdoor use (and now increasingly popular for indoor applications too)
  • ASA+PC-FR blend – the best of both worlds…PC-reinforced ASA with a superior flammability rating.

And if you need something tougher then specify extruded aluminum housings with a premium finish. They exude understated quality, so they are right at home in luxury properties or advanced technical facilities.

Discretion Is The Better Part…

Security and access control technology seldom shouts about its presence. It is far better for an enclosure to remain discrete to make it less of a target for tampering.

Standard enclosures have always been discrete in their design as a matter of course. Designs that look modern without being too obvious are much easier to customise from an aesthetic point of view. It doesn’t take too many subtle tweaks to make one customer’s standard case look completely different from another.

There is strength is subtlety. Even when we’re talking about our least subtle enclosures – the wild and idiosyncratic BLOB (IP 54) range:

Examples Of Security And Access Control Enclosures

Smart-Box application


SMART-BOX is molded from an ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) blend for strength, durability and UV stability. These advanced wall mounted enclosures are designed to sit outdoors and soak up a lot of punishment from Mother Nature.

They are rated IP 66 and the sealing gaskets are pre-fitted to speed up installation times. Wall mounting is easy thanks to their smart design. Their high quality A2 stainless steel alloy screws are resistant to corrosion and concealed beneath hinged trims. Each case also includes two plastic lid retaining straps as standard. View SMART-BOX the range >>

Holte AS of Norway has specified SMART-BOX to house an RFID card reader that identifies construction workers on building sites.

View case study >>

Datec-Terminal application


DATEC-TERMINAL’s standard options include a lid with a slot for swiping access control (or bank) cards. The enclosures are suitable for desktop use or wall mounting.

These robust and aesthetically pleasing IP 54 housings feature an operating area that is inclined by 20° for easy viewing and operation. Security features include hidden fixings – and measures to stop the case being removed from its wall mountings. View DATEC-TERMINAL range >>

Vicking Electronics of Belgium specified DATEC-TERMINAL for this time recording, access control and order management solution.

View case study >>

UNITEC application


UNITEC features two operating panels (inclined by 72° and 18°) and an optional battery compartment (3 x AA) so it is perfect for face-to-face desktop applications.
It can also be wall mounted – the unit’s ergonomic angles enable it to integrate easily into building architecture.

This makes it a popular choice for housing time recording terminals. The large lid recess offers lots of space for a membrane keypad and card-swiping area.

View UNITEC >>

DIATEC application


DIATEC is a smart, modern, tablet-style enclosure for desktop and wall mounted electronics. Technical features include a hinged lid to protect a membrane keypad and a generous recessed area to help shield connectors.

Snap-on side panels enable the enclosures to be installed without having to disassemble the top panel. These covers can be locked in place to help prevent tampering. The integrated battery compartment can accommodate 1 x 9V or 2 x AA cells. View DIATEC range >>

Dickert Electronic GmbH of Germany specified a customized DIATEC enclosure for its house control unit. The device checks whether doors and windows are open or closed.

View case study >>

NET-BOX application


NET-BOX (IP 65) is a sleek wall mounted enclosure for control electronics (and network nodes). Its simple three-part assembly makes it quick to install. And once the enclosure is installed, there is no need to open the main section – only the front lid has to be refitted.

Security features include Torx T10 assembly screws – none of which are visible from the front. There is plenty of room for interfaces – all of which are concealed behind the front lid.

Beulco Armatur AB of Sweden specified NET-BOX to house its Esystop Flow system that detects water leakage in the home and automatically shuts off the water supply. Users can also press a button to switch off the water when they leave the house.

View case study >>

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