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Carrytec size L enclosures

November 2013


CARRYTEC L has one of the largest internal volumes of any OKW equipment case. It is significantly larger than the M size. OKW’s CARRYTEC enclosures are designed to house portable electronics instrumentation. They are available with optional docking stations for charging and data transfer when the equipment is not being carried.

Typical applications include medical and wellness equipment, data recording and monitoring, communications technology, measuring instruments plus agricultural and forest management electronics.

CARRYTEC is not just for handheld applications. It is ideal for use as a suspension arm enclosure, thanks to its robust integrated handle. This makes a perfect grab point when the unit is inverted and fitted on the suspension arm, making it easy to maneuver and position the equipment.

OKW Enclosures, Inc, Vice President, Sales, Sean Bailey said: “All three sizes of CARRYTEC can be used as suspension arm housings but the new L model is particularly well suited because of its size.”

The new size L models have external dimensions of 13.70" x 11.93" x 4.61". CARRYTEC S (8.74" x 8.07" x 3.15") is one of OKW’s smaller housings while the M size is 10.62" x 9.72" x 3.58". CARRYTEC is offered in two standard materials: ABS (UL 94 HB) in Off White (RAL 9002) for indoor use and fibreglass reinforced ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in Lava Gray for tougher outdoor use. An IP54 sealing kit is also available as an accessory.

“Once again CARRYTEC is proving to be extremely versatile. Our decision to manufacture it in a choice of materials makes it great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications,” said Mr Bailey. CARRYTEC enclosures are very easy to assemble. The top, bottom and handle grip moldings are assembled using five security screws (Torx T10).

The handle grip is molded in soft touch TPE material to make CARRYTEC comfortable to carry. CARRYTEC’S top section has a recessed area for membrane keypads, displays and touch screens. Inset flat sections on the underside are designed for mounting connectors or control switches. Screw pillars are provided in the top and bottom for housing circuit boards, displays and assemblies. Prices for size L start at $56.   The docking station can be mounted on a wall, machine housing, or simply used on a desk.  A snap-lock holds the enclosure in the station at a convenient viewing angle of 15 degrees. Data transfer and charging is facilitated by five-pole contacts fitted to the case and station base parts.

Other accessories include battery compartments for five 1.5V AA cells and a medical holding clamp for round tubes or rails.   OKW can supply CARRYTEC enclosures fully customized with additional holes, silk-screen print legends and logos. RFI shielding is also available.

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