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SMART-CASE With Integrated Cable Glands

Press Release - May 2014

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For small cable connected electronic devices.

Integrated cable glands are now available as standard on OKW’s SMART-CASE range of handheld enclosures. They help to protect the cable as well as further enhancing the aesthetics of this popular range. Integrated cable glands can be specified for three of the four SMART-CASE models (M, L, XL).

They are available for cable sizes Ø 0.134"-0.165", Ø 0.165"-0.197" and Ø 0.197"-0.232" and come in either Gray or Black to match the housings’ standard colors of Off White (RAL 9002) and Black (RAL 9005).

SMART-CASE can be specified for all types of remote control applications, either wireless or with a cable connection. It is suitable for a wide range of sectors including medical/wellness, social care, industry and household applications.

Features include ergonomic design for comfort plus a wide recess for mounting a membrane keypad.

SMART-CASE is manufactured as standard from ABS or PMMA (for infrared applications). The protection rating is IP40 for size XS, IP41 for size M or IP65 (with optional sealing kit) for sizes L and XL. Prices start at $12 for the cable gland models.

OKW offers a wide range of accessories to complement SMART-CASE: battery contacts (AA, AAA, 9V), sealing kits, belt clips, key ring, ring eyelet, hand strap, lanyard, wall holders, bed clamps, desk station and the 4-K in-vehicle holding system.

OKW can supply SMART-CASE fully customized. Services include bespoke colours, CNC milling and drilling, RFI shielding and silk-screen and tampo printing of legends and logos. Assembly of components is also available.

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