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PROTEC – The Square Multi-Version Solution

Rectangles dominate the world of enclosures; you’d be surprised how few offer a square plan size. But PROTEC does – and it does so in three versions:

  • I – with a deeply recessed interface area at the rear
  • II – as Version I but with a snap-on flush-fitted cover to hide the recess
  • III – as Version I but with a deep cover that provides extra space inside for components, cabling and connectors.

All three versions feature a 20° sloping top for ergonomic operation. The top has a generous recess, offering plenty of space for a touchscreens or membrane keypad. And like EVOTEC, PROTEC also features Torx assembly screws as standard – along with optional IP 65 protection – making it a very popular choice for control centre electronics in hospitals, surgeries and other healthcare environments.

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