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Smart factories place much more importance on aesthetics than their 20th century predecessors. That is why OKW has developed enclosures such as flush-fit SMART-PANEL for sensors and touchscreens. Yes, it can specified for IIoT, but it also has to look at home in luxury penthouses and futuristic offices.

And yet, what if you need something more robust than plastic SMART-PANEL? What if you need a tough metal enclosure that must also have a ‘wow’ factor? The answer is to specify an enclosure that – like SMART-PANEL – looks good in high-end residential and commercial settings. But unlike SMART-PANEL, the chosen enclosure should be manufactured from aluminum.

Two OKW models combine aluminum and plastic to create dependable, elegant solutions for Industry 4.0. Award-winning SYNERGY is available in four plan sizes: round, square, rectangular and oblate. All the enclosures feature a pillar-based construction system that results in no visible fixing screws.

Meanwhile, SMART-TERMINAL (IP 54) combines an aluminum main case with not one but two types of plastic. UV stable ASA+PC-FR end covers sit snugly in soft touch TPV designer seals. These plastic end covers are deeply recessed to protect connectors. Or you could specify flat aluminum covers instead if you prefer. Like new SOLID-BOX, SMART-TERMINAL is an excellent choice for housing a wall-mounted or desktop IIoT control unit.