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IIoT networks require a huge number of sensors that can be installed quickly on walls, machines or poles/rails. So great is the demand for combined pole-mount/wall-mount enclosures, that we unveiled two different models in comparatively swift succession.

The first was EASYTEC (IP 65 optional). These flanged enclosures feature lugs that can accommodate either cable ties for poles, or screws for wall mounting. At the rear, the base section has a curved recess for pole mounting – without compromising stability when the enclosure is screwed to a flat surface.

EASYTEC was so successful that we soon followed up with MINI-DATA-BOX (IP 65 optional) which employs the same concept. But – unlike ‘always flanged’ EASYTEC – MINI-DATA-BOX can be specified either with or without its distinctive lugs for cable ties or screws.

Both versions of MINI-DATA-BOX look good because the flanges have a certain flair to them. Compare them with those on EASYTEC and you’ll see how they’ve evolved. Furthermore, both versions of MINI-DATA-BOX have a ‘diamond cut’ top that adds extra cachet (and reduces weight). After all, aesthetics are increasingly important. Looks matter – even when you’re dealing with an enclosure as small and discreet as MINI-DATA-BOX.