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With 25 different models to choose from, wall-mount enclosures represent OKW’s biggest range of standard and customizable housings for electronics. The number of models has grown significantly in recent years, driven by rapid growth in Industry 4.0/IIoT applications.

Wall-mount enclosures have always been a key segment of the market: they’ve always been popular. But now electronics designers have more choice than ever before. And with so many different standard models, it’s now easier than ever to specify your perfect enclosure off the shelf, with very little customization needed.

But all this choice can sometimes be a little bewildering. Seemingly similar enclosures can offer different technical features. So it pays to get specialist advice; it can often reveal benefits that you may not have previously considered.

Wall-mount enclosures range overview >>

Let’s start by subdividing wall-mounted enclosures into their various types…



IIoT networks require a huge number of sensors that can be installed quickly on walls, machines or poles/rails. So great is the demand for combined pole-mount/wall-mount enclosures, that we unveiled two different models in comparatively swift succession.

The first was EASYTEC (IP 65 optional). These flanged enclosures feature lugs that can accommodate either cable ties for poles, or screws for wall mounting. At the rear, the base section has a curved recess for pole mounting – without compromising stability when the enclosure is screwed to a flat surface.

EASYTEC was so successful that we soon followed up with MINI-DATA-BOX (IP 65 optional) which employs the same concept. But – unlike ‘always flanged’ EASYTEC – MINI-DATA-BOX can be specified either with or without its distinctive lugs for cable ties or screws.

Both versions of MINI-DATA-BOX look good because the flanges have a certain flair to them. Compare them with those on EASYTEC and you’ll see how they’ve evolved. Furthermore, both versions of MINI-DATA-BOX have a ‘diamond cut’ top that adds extra cachet (and reduces weight). After all, aesthetics are increasingly important. Looks matter – even when you’re dealing with an enclosure as small and discreet as MINI-DATA-BOX.



Many desktop enclosure models are equally at home on walls. The sloping front that makes them so easy to view and operate on desks is also well suited to wall-based roles – especially in applications such as building management, access control and security.

Obvious contenders from the OKW range are:

  • PROTEC (IP 65 optional) which is available in three versions, including one with a deep cover for the recessed area at the rear. This Version III provides extra capacity for components.
  • EVOTEC (IP 65 optional) which can be specified with either a sloping or non-sloping top. These enclosures are highly ergonomic thanks to their soft contours.
  • UNITEC which provides users with two operating panels inclined at different angles. The primary purpose of this is for face-to-face desktop applications – such as point of sale – but it also makes these enclosures a contender for wall-mounted electronics.

All three models feature a generous recess for a membrane keypad. (EVOTEC is also available with a smooth, unrecessed sloping or flat top.) EVOTEC and PROTEC are moulded in UV-stable ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) as standard. UNITEC is ABS (UL 94 HB) but can be requested in other plastics as a custom order.



Virtually all the models you’ve read about so far offer IP 65 ingress protection as an option. But for more challenging industrial environments, you’ll need enclosures rated to IP 66 or IP 67. These offer complete protection against dust and excellent protection against water.

IP 66 enclosures are designed to withstand temporary flooding, such as in heavy seas. IP 67 enclosures protect against temporary immersion in shallow water (30 minutes in depths ranging from 150 mm to 1,000 mm).

New SOLID-BOX (IP 66, IP 67) exemplifies the latest generation of plastic enclosures for industrial electronics. These strong and resilient PC+ABS housings are muscling in on territory traditionally occupied by diecast aluminum enclosures.

Tough SOLID-BOX has an IK 08 impact protection rating – and a series of useful technical features usually reserved for diecast aluminum housings. These include:

  • ‘lid closed’ installation – protecting the seal and electronics during fitting or removal in challenging conditions
  • flush-fitting trims that conceal all the tamperproof and corrosion-resistant Torx fixing screws
  • screw channels under the trims which enable direct, concealed wall mounting.

Other OKW plastic enclosures for industrial electronics include SMART-BOX (IP 66), IN-BOX (IP 66, IP 67) and ROBUST-BOX (IP 66).

Compare them here >>



Wedge-shaped housings for internal corners are a rare breed in the world of standard plastic enclosures. There is only one such model in the OKW range  – SMART-CONTROL (IP 55 optional) – and that is a relative newcomer, as the standard material ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) suggests.

Like EVOTEC, SMART-CONTROL is offered with either a recessed or an unrecessed top. These wide-format wall-mount enclosures are perfect for security, monitoring, IoT/IIoT, gateways, measurement, control, sensors, and medical, laboratory and environmental technology. And with a handy stand set available as an accessory, they’re a smart choice for desktop duties too.



One of the big dilemmas facing enclosure designers is how to create a housing that suits a specific purpose…and yet remains versatile enough for a wide range of applications. So when a particular model is ‘multi-purpose’, you know its designers were on fine form: they’ve created an enclosure that’s a first-rate all-rounder.

OKW has created a lot of multi-purpose enclosures over the years – and their popularity endures. The aforementioned EVOTEC figures highly in this range, as do the following other models:

  • ERGO-CASE (IP 54 optional) – body-contoured wearable/handheld enclosures that can also be wall mounted. Wall suspension elements are available as accessories for these ABS enclosures. One size (L) is available with a translucent top.
  • TOPTEC – wall-mountable ABS enclosures that allow pre-assembled PCBs with protruding connectors and interfaces to be mounted directly into the case. So you don’t have to wire in the connectors after fitting the PCB into the enclosure. Find out more here.
  • SOFT-CASEwide-format enclosures with modern contours. They’re great for larger displays. The cases come as standard in ABS or infrared-permeable PMMA for wireless remote control applications. IP 54 is optional if there is no battery compartment. Intermediate rings (accessory) add extra capacity.
  • ART-CASE – with four different shapes (round, oval, square and rectangular), these uniquely styled ABS enclosures look the part on walls or ceilings. Flat or inclined (30°, 55°) bases offer a choice of mounting angles.
  • CARRYTEC (IP 54 optional) – if you’ve read previous blog posts, you’ll know that these large handheld cases can be mounted on suspension arms; the integrated handle makes it easy to move them to your preferred viewing angle. They can also be wall mounted using adaptors for the various docking stations. This gives you a wall-mount enclosure that’s also portable.


It would be remiss of us to write a blog post about wall-mount enclosures without mentioning that elegant SMART-PANEL is now available in a new size. SMART-PANEL keypad and touch screen enclosures are designed specifically for intelligent building control and monitoring systems.

These V-0 ASA+PC enclosures fit flush-mounted cavity boxes. Original sizes S84 and E155 fit boxes with an opening up to 2.40". New size S114 fits larger boxes up to 3.94" x 3.94" wide. Screwless assembly makes them quick and easy to install.


Contact OKW for specialist advice on specifying the best standard or customized enclosures for your wall-mountable electronics. And don’t forget to request a sample